Shareholder Group and Fitch inspire Deutsche Bank

R.and the good news is piling up around Deutsche Bank. The Californian investment company One, which became a major shareholder in February 2020, has acquired a further block of shares with a volume of 3.6 percent and thus doubled its stake in Deutsche Bank. In addition, the rating agencies honor the high equity ratios despite the threat of loan defaults. At the beginning of the week, the rating agency Fitch raised its credit rating for the riskiest Deutsche Bank bonds (subordinate / tier 1) by one notch to “BB-”. This tends to lower the refinancing costs for Deutsche Bank.

In a German stock market that was somewhat weaker when it opened on Tuesday morning, Deutsche Bank shares were one of the few winners in the Dax, with a price gain of 0.5 percent to EUR 7.90. Despite the corona crisis, Deutsche Bank shares have done well since major shareholder Group joined in January 2020. In January a Deutsche Bank share cost around 7.50 euros, a little 40 cents less than currently. Group should therefore be in the black with its investment.

When Group entered as a major shareholder, CEO Christian Sewing, who took up position in April 2018, had just announced Deutsche Bank’s fifth consecutive annual loss at the end of January. But after the first half of 2020, this year gross profit of 364 million euros was posted – although Deutsche Bank had to set up more risk provisions than last year for bad loans.

Unlike Commerzbank, which has announced a loss for this year, the Board of Management of Deutsche Bank believes it will also make a profit in 2020 as a whole. It will present its business figures for the third quarter on October 28th. increase no longer an issue

In 2020, Deutsche Bank has so far been supported by strong income in the capital market business (investment banking), especially for the placement of bonds and in foreign exchange and bond trading. The restructuring costs of 7 billion euros estimated by Sewing in July 2019 – for example for the cessation of stock trading and the shedding of 18,000 jobs – have largely been booked.

Nevertheless, the core capital ratio remained above the targets at 13.3 percent. A capital increase feared by shareholders in summer 2019 is no longer an issue.

Rather, the Deutsche Bank management does not see itself wrongly encouraged in its restructuring course by major shareholders and rating agencies. “We welcome that Group has increased its shares in Deutsche Bank,” said a spokesman for the institute on Tuesday. “We see this as a clear vote of confidence in our strategic transformation.”

Who is Group?

In Germany, Group already has a stake of almost 15 percent in Germany’s largest engine manufacturer MTU Aero Engines. A month ago, the investment company also became a major shareholder with more than 5 percent of the shares in Commerzbank. Group is located in Los Angeles. The investment company was founded there in 1931 by Jonathan Bell Lovelace during the “Great Depression”. The Group opened its first office outside the United States in 1962 in Geneva, Switzerland.

The company says it currently manages $ 2.1 trillion and employs around 7,000 people worldwide. With the funds of the Group, Americans save for their retirement or for their children’s tuition fees



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