Rijks and Smakenrad start dinners in Ferris wheel

In collaboration with Smakenrad, Joris Bijdendijk, executive chef of the Rijks restaurant of the Rijksmuseum, will serve his favorite dishes from today 13 October 2020 in the largest Ferris wheel in the Netherlands, which has been set up for the Rai Amsterdam.

The 27 heated gondolas have been converted into private restaurants, which will reach a height of 50 meters in the wheel and are now operational.

Initiator Bram Verleg of Smakenrad: ‘Not the width, but the height! A place where guests can enjoy food and drinks from Amsterdam’s most famous chef, in the most beautiful place in the city. And that is completely covid-proof, because the wheel is ideal for a safe reception of guests. ‘

While the Smakenrad provides food and drinks in the wheel during the day, the dinner comes from Joris Bijdendijk. His menu changes every three weeks and will consist of various dishes from the kitchens of Wils and Rijks, the restaurants at the Olympic Stadium and the Rijksmuseum respectively, where the chef holds sway. ‘In addition, we are working together on some exclusive culinary evenings that will be announced later.’

The Smakenrad is located in Amsterdam until January 3, 2021 and is open daily until 10 p.m. During the day, visitors can also enjoy coffee with pastry, an extensive lunch or a drink. On weekends breakfast and high tea are served. Tickets can now be booked via

Smakenrad observes all applicable guidelines of the RIVM. The heated cabins are suitable for 5 people from one household. Of course it is also possible to sit on the wheel with fewer people (from the same household).
(PvWK, photo above: Bram Verleg and Joris Bijdendijk)


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