PREOS Real Estate increases bond volume – publity subscribes

PREOS Real Estate increases the issue volume of the convertible bond issued in 2019 by a further 40 million euros. This was signed by the PREOS parent company publity, which holds 86 percent of the shares in the company. The convertible bond due in 2024 bears interest at 7.5 percent per year and now has a volume of 179.4 million euros. PREOS can issue a nominal value of up to 300 million euros on the bond.

“PREOS will use the incoming financial resources for the further strategic growth of the company”, said the Leipzig company on Friday.

“As the majority shareholder of PREOS Real Estate AG, we are pleased to be able to provide our subsidiary with additional funds by subscribing to the convertible bond. This means that PREOS can continue on its dynamic growth path, from which we also benefit ”, says Stephan Kunath, CFO, publity AG.

At a glance – chart and news: PREOS Real Estate


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