ICI Paris XL personalizes online shopping experience

Segmentation of users

Insider empowers the perfumery chain’s marketing teams to create tailored, more relevant and meaningful customer journeys through user micro-segmentation. This should ensure an increase in the average order value and optimization of the conversion. Insider’s Growth Management Platform already supports more than 600 global brands, including UNIQLO, Philips, Decathlon, Samsung and Toyota.

We want to provide personalization that is targeted at our customers at the micro level, using the best of AI and modern technology in our marketing strategy.

‘Insider offers an easy-to-integrate platform that requires no additional IT dependency. The platform has ready-to-use templates specific to the cosmetics industry, such as ‘social proof’, which has helped us achieve greater engagement with our website, ” says Harold Simonart, Ecommerce Manager Benelux at Ici Paris XL .

Increase in the average order value

Together with Insider, the Ici Paris XL marketing team has already achieved a 36% increase in average order value and a significant improvement in CR (conversion rate) using powerful overlays. A good example of this, they say, are the so-called “Exit Intent On-site Messages”, which are intended to prevent users from leaving during the visit to the site and the actual ordering process. The company continues to work on on-site consumer experiences using Insider’s AI-driven micro-segmentation of user profiles. Both teams are also looking at CRM integration options to further optimize conversion and average order value.


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