Five fall fashion mistakes in video conferencing

Cozy clothes in the home office are especially tempting in autumn. You should still refrain from doing this in a video conference
Cozy clothes in the home office are especially tempting in autumn. You should still refrain from doing this in a video conferenceimago images / Westend61

In view of the increasing number of infections in many cities, the home office is likely to remain an alternative to the office for many employees in autumn. In view of the uncomfortable weather conditions, it makes sense to make yourself as comfortable as possible at home. Warm and cozy clothes in particular promise a feel-good atmosphere at the desk at home in cold and wet drizzle outside the door.

As comfortable as cuddly socks, woolen blankets and lined jogging pants feel – these items of clothing are not a good idea in a video conference. has put together the five most important fashion faux pas for you.

# 1 Wear jogging or pajama pants

The videocall classic. The dark season begins and getting out of bed for video conferencing is harder. If there are only a few minutes left before the morning meeting, your sweatpants will do too – or you can stay in pajamas. And besides, the image section is limited anyway.

That may be, the videos of conference breakdowns in which employees involuntarily show their team their sleepwear should serve as a deterrent. Sometimes the children rush in, the doorbell rings or you just want to quickly get some documents and the mishap has happened. Even if you are not embarrassed to stand in a baggy look in front of the entire workforce, appreciation for your colleagues and, above all, for your superiors does not exactly radiate this choice of clothes. A small consolation: It doesn’t have to be ironed suit trousers, casual jeans usually do too.

2 # bedding on the desk

It is even worse than your own pajamas when you present yourself wrapped in thick blankets during the video conference. In the morning in particular, this could convey the feeling that they would actually have preferred to go back to sleep – or stayed in bed for the conference. That doesn’t exactly show work ethic and reliability. If you are really cold, you prefer to use a hot water bottle, which you can hide behind your back and casually put aside if something unforeseen happens.

# 3 Show skin

Some people rely on extensive heating against the cold weather outside. In a heated, summerly warm apartment, it makes sense to dress a little more airy. Nevertheless, they should not be too revealing in the video conference. Shoulder-free tops in particular can cause irritation due to the limited image section. The same applies to shorts and skirts – especially when the rest of the workforce has dressed appropriately for the outside temperature. Blouses and shirts are the better choice here: The fabric is thin and still covers the essential areas.

# 4 Bright or too dark colors

Basically, it is up to you to decide whether you would prefer to wear green over other colors. Still, you should think about your background when choosing clothes. Dressed entirely in black, they look even paler than they already are due to the low amount of sunshine. This quickly gives the impression that they are sick or have not had enough sleep. Bright colors could also be more of a distraction and make you the involuntary focus of the meeting. Less is more here.

# 5 mix of patterns

Fall time is pattern time. These can often be found in sweaters or scarves. But especially with houndstooth, chevron and Co. it can be visually unattractive for the other person. The patterns are not nearly as bad to look at as the sweaters with reindeer, snowmen and Santa Claus that await us from December. However, particularly fine patterns can cause distortions on the screen. So do the eyes of your colleagues a favor and stay away from samples in a video conference if possible.


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