Cabinet presents Roadmap for corona measures

Tonight, 13 October 2020, the Cabinet is launching a “Roadmap for corona measures”, which describes how the spread of the corona virus must be contained in the near future. View that map here.

The 7 Basic Rules remain in effect:
(1) Keep 1.5 meters away from others;
(2) Wash your hands often and cough and sneeze into your elbow;
(3) Stay at home in case of complaints and get tested; if you have a fever, the whole family stays at home;
(4) Avoid crowded places;
(5) Work at home, unless there is no other option;
(6) Wear a mouth mask in public indoor areas (note: obligation depending on emergency law);
(7) Mouth masks are mandatory in public transport.

Tonight it is expected a (temporary) closure of the catering industry and a cessation of amateur sport and a ban on the sale of alcohol after 8 pm. The Roadmap must also contain a matching package of measures for the longer term, which can be used to respond to specific situations. Click here for the new ‘Roadmap for corona measures’.
(PvWK, sources: Rijksoverheid and Volkskrant, image: Cottonbro / Pexels)


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