Allianz board member Bahr demands maternity leave for managers

Allianz board member Daniel Bahr at the DKM in Dortmund in October 2019
Allianz board member Daniel Bahr at the DKM in Dortmund in October 2019imago images / Cord

Today’s Allianz board member and former Federal Minister of Health Daniel Bahr advocates parental leave for board members. “That must be possible,” said Bahr in an interview with (11/2020 issue). “We need more flexibility and acceptance that even top executives in business and politics can combine family and work,” added the former FDP politician.

Since leaving politics, Bahr has been working for Allianz’s health insurance subsidiary, where he is also on the board. During this time, Bahr became a father twice, and today he has three little daughters.

In spring, the founder of the furniture portal Westwing, Delia Lachance, sparked a debate when she announced her departure from the board of the listed company when she was pregnant. Reason: Board members of listed companies are not considered employees and are therefore not entitled to maternity or parental leave. If you want to take time off from your job when a child is born, you will have to resign and you will not have the right to return to your old job.

Bahr called it a great advantage to have more time for the family in his current life as a manager and to be able to protect his private life better from the public. As part of a big cover story about the turning points in managerial careers, Bahr spoke very openly about his time after the end of politics and also about his cancer last year.

When asked what the disease had taught him, he replied: “I think one becomes more relaxed. We often fight for certain things, for decisions, take things very seriously. A situation like this, in which you realize that life can also be over quickly, helps you to differentiate between the important and the unimportant. “

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