Volkswagen: A strategically sensible decision

Volkswagen takes over the front camera software activities from Hella. There is no information from those involved about the purchase price. However, Hella reports that it can post extraordinary income of 100 million euros as a result of the sale.

The purchase fits in with Volkswagen’s strategy. They want to significantly increase the proportion of their own software in the Group’s vehicles. The experts from Independent Research consider this to be strategically effective and also financially sensible.

The auto company has also announced that deliveries and incoming orders in September were above the values ​​of the previous year. However, exact figures are not given.

The analysts confirm the buy recommendation for the shares of Volkswagen. The price target was previously at EUR 145.00. In the new study it rises to 150.00 euros.

It is still unclear how the economy and the pandemic will develop. That also creates certain uncertainties.

The shares of Volkswagen gain 0.7 percent in the morning to 139.00 euros.


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