Real estate is also available on ebay classified ads

Not many people know that there is real estate on eBay classifieds – and this is precisely the advantage for interested parties. Lease, rent, buy: everything is offered.

As is well known, you can buy everything on eBay classified ads – from clothing to toys and furnishings even to pets of all kinds. What is relatively unknown, however, is that the portal also offers its own real estate section.

Real estate division on eBay classifieds has been on the rise for five years

There is a lot of real estate on eBay. What seems strange at first, actually makes sense: A portal for classified ads also offers private individuals the opportunity to sell, rent, swap or lease real estate. The FAZ conducted an interview with Frederik Freund, head of the real estate division at eBay Classifieds.

Freund explains that currently the biggest advantage of searching for a property on eBay classifieds is that not so many people are aware of the offer. This makes it easier for those looking for real estate on eBay to be successful.

But this is currently changing, according to Freund: After the real estate division had been there from the start, it has become much better known and more popular in the last five years – fortunately for the providers, who are likely to meet more interested parties as a result.

From foreign properties to villas and train stations to bunkers

And the providers are creative, their offers are very different – that’s why there is something for everyone: There are villas, holiday homes, luxury buildings, vacant hotels in Greece and residential houses for sale, but also rental properties. Business Insider even reports old train stations, bunkers, and a brothel that are believed to have been for sale.

So that not every searcher has to go through all these offers, there are search criteria and filters, as usual on eBay. For example, you can search explicitly for foreign, residential and commercial real estate or entire properties. There is also the “auction date” filter or the option to only see properties that have been checked for authenticity. At the beginning of the search, you must of course specify whether you want to buy, rent or lease.

There is, however, an unusual aspect of the search criteria: Under the heading “Delivery options” you can – but don’t have to – filter whether Click & Collect or free shipping should be possible.

It is of course also possible to submit an application. Then with a little luck the bidders will contact the interested party.

Nowhere so many private providers: eBay is one of the largest real estate portals

Providers are given as an incentive to place two advertisements free of charge – advertising is also made easier: no information on rent is required for properties for sale and it is possible to officially choose between a fixed price, sale on a negotiated basis and “to give away”.

Of course, eBay would also like to benefit from the successful real estate trading of classified ads users: For higher sales opportunities, providers can use special features, highlight the advertisements or, for example, move them back up to the list of search results – these features are however chargeable.

Along with Immobilienscout24 and Immowelt, eBay classifieds is one of the three largest German real estate portals, according to Zeit & Wert Maklersocietät. Therefore, as with the other portals, there is probably a very worthwhile trick for searchers, Freund reveals it in the FAZ interview: There is the unknown – and free – feature for registered users of creating a search request, filters such as location, price, etc. . considered. If a new offer that meets the criteria is advertised, the user receives a message and thus has the chance to contact potential competitors.

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