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The month of September has been particularly busy on the Sandbox side as you have seen through our recent articles. Among the actions affected by this hyperactivity, we can notably mention the exclusive sale of the SAND utility token. While there was just recently the launch of the liquidity mining program, the update for Game Maker Alpha has also been a major event. We could also come back to the many partnerships that have been developed with several exchanges. We therefore offer in this article a quick tour of the various activities that marked the news of the box last month.


SAND available on more than six trading platforms

The utility token launched by TheSandbox was designed to be used initially for governance in the game world, but also as a means of exchange and for staking. It was therefore necessary for this increase the number of trading platforms where it would be possible to acquire them. This was done in September with the search for new partners in this sector. So in addition to Binance who had joined forces from the first hours with TheSandbox, six other exchanges have been added to the list. These include, Uniswap, Huobi, UPbit, Poloniex and most recently WazirX.

The second phase of the fourth LAND presale

The great novelty of this sales session was the introduction of the SAND token as one of the means of acquiring LAND in TheSandbox metaverse. The utility token has even suddenly become the basis of all transactions on the platform. The sales, which took place in four waves, made it possible to sell 4,512 LANDs acquired by a total of 1,128 users. This also allowed the box to generate SAND 5 million or a total of approximately $ 237,000. Premium sales were also made with the participation of partners such as Care Bears Community Gaming, Harmony, Lootex, Cointelegraph, Arkane Network and Kyber Network.

The Liquidity Mining program

TheSandbox has set up this program in order toincrease the liquidity available at the pool level of the SAND / ETH pair on Uniswap. To encourage a large number of liquidity providers to come forward, the company obviously decided to put its utility token into play. Thus, during the first phase of the program, participants will share a monthly reward of 1.5 million SAND. The initiative already seems to be bearing fruit since the pool in question is already currently at over $ 1.5 million in cash.


In addition to these three flagship activities, fans of the gaming platform were able to celebrate the announcement of the next Alpha version of Game Maker. A fund has also been set up by the box to help all people wishing to become game developers for TheSandbox. Projects related to NFTs are on the rise right now!


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