Mynaric plans to place 0.8 million new shares

Mynaric, a provider of laser communication devices for airborne and space communication networks, announces a capital increase. Mynaric announced on Thursday that 60 percent of the expected proceeds from the issue will make up the lion’s share of the funds from the capital increase to prepare for the large-scale use of the company’s products. In addition, one wants to invest in the expansion of the market access in North America and the acquisition of further market shares.

Mynaric plans to issue up to 0.8 million new shares in the course of the capital increase. “The shareholders’ statutory subscription right is granted in such a way that the new shares are subscribed to by Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers AG, Frankfurt am Main, and taken over with the obligation to purchase them for the shareholders at a subscription price and a subscription ratio to be determined to offer ”, it says on the part of society.

A placement price is to be determined in a preliminary placement with institutional investors, which Mynaric intends to conclude this Thursday. The company’s major shareholders waived their subscription rights for the placement. A securities prospectus for the issue is expected to be approved by BaFin tomorrow.

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