LVB presents new style and direction

This means on the one hand all round look at marketing communication and on the other hand the specialized execution from different teams, according to LVB. The new course is accompanied by a new style and ditto website.

Aart Lensink, general manager of LVB, says: ‘Content marketing has been the profile of LVB for years, but the field has gradually expanded to the other disciplines of marketing communication. Content, advertising, PR and social media merge seamlessly and as a client you want to work with them in an integrated manner. We respond to that. We create effective work by working with specialized teams that work well together and connect with each other. Always with the ambition to cut costs for customers across the board and to achieve the best results, so that they have to switch with fewer desks. Our approach can best be summarized as: full service, full specialist. ‘

According to Lensink, many brands have become fragmented in communication in recent years. With a separate approach for advertising, activations, content, social media and events. As a result, mutual integration is often hard to find, management is too complicated and therefore time and money consuming, he says. Lensink: ‘In these times, when budgets are less, our approach is even more promising. We already had the plans ready before corona. We have postponed the introduction of the Club LVB philosophy for a few months and now see that customers are even more ready for it. ‘

LVB now works with 8 teams: social, pr, campaigns, public, video, brand publishing, brand strategy and love brand designers. Recently, the agency has hired many new people and there is a good chance that new teams will be added in the future, according to LVB.

Watch the ‘club video’ below:


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