KWF takes action against cancer abuse

The campaign was developed in collaboration with the agencies One Nil, Bundles, Stimmt, JA! and The PR Bureau. The YouTubers participating in the promotion are Koen Weijland, Marcella de Bie, Dani Hagebeuk, Reginio Resida and Bas van Velzen. These influencers regularly see ‘cancer’ as a swear word on their social media channels and want to change that.

Johan van de Gronden, director of the Dutch Cancer Society, says: ‘One in three Dutch people is diagnosed with cancer, which means that almost all of us have to deal with it. The use of cancer as a swear word must therefore stop. ‘

YouTuber Koen Weijland adds: ‘Just like a slap in the face, words can seriously hurt. Cancer is one such word that hurts, especially if you are sick or have to deal with the disease in your environment. Cancer is often abused on the street and on social media. That irritates me and affects me personally, because I now experience the disease up close in my family. ‘

Hit back

Van de Gronden: ‘To point out the pain that verbal abuse causes, we are going to hit back. Someone who deals a verbal blow with ‘KK’ can now expect a Tikkie in return. A digital click in the form of a payment request. With this we convert something bad into something good, namely money for cancer research. ‘

On, visitors will find the options to give a Tikkie back. Watch the video message from the influencers below:


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