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We will soon elect the future president of the world, sorry the future American president: but, it does not come back all the same? Bitcoin (BTC) is not under the command of any executive. But is he for all that insensitive to a re-election or not of Donald Trump?

The best candidate for the US election remains Bitcoin

The US presidential elections are approaching, Trump or not Trump ? That is the question. Will the voters’ choice have an impact on cryptocurrencies ? The Economist Alex Krüger shared his opinion in a series of tweets.

According to him, a clear victory for the Democrats in the presidential and parliamentary elections would lead to a medium to long term bullish trend for Bitcoin and gold. The US dollar and crude oil would both follow a bearish trajectory. Forecasts of Kruger go against the historical data.

Elections do not significantly affect the performance of the US dollar. The senior analyst of SEB Group, Richard Falkenhäll, think otherwise, however: a victory for the Democrats generally has a positive impact on the dollar.

Donald supports Scrooge: and good for Bitcoin!

A re-election of Donald trump would lead to an even greater appreciation of the Bitcoin price.

Given the advantages that Donald trump grant to equity markets, large corporations and the “super-rich”, the traditional asset market is expected to post positive short-term performance.

However, this improvement would be temporary given the possibility of monetary crisis linked to the influx of liquidity.

Whatever the outcome of the elections, Krüger estimate that Bitcoin is in a “win-win” scenario while the dollar is in the reverse scenario.

Many analysts underline the weakness of the US dollar linked to falling interest rates as investors look to make investments and deposits in other currencies.


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

An elected Democrat necessarily implies more democracy, therefore less favor for the rich? And what would be less great for Bitcoin then? On the other hand, a Republican is the president of the rich and that makes the price of BTC explode. We should stop making certain forecasts, it looks like “ anything logical “. Bitcoin must now decouple from other assets and thus gain its independence from political decisions that affect traditional markets. Bitcoin that bends to the agenda of the future US president: I wonder what Satoshi Nakamoto thinks. It would surprise me if he was happy with the prospect.


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