Albert Heijn starts savings campaign with pans Royal van Kempen and Begeer

The new savings campaign for the coming festive period has been announced. After previous successful campaigns, including wine glasses and cutlery, Albert Heijn customers can start saving for high-quality pans from Royal van Kempen & Begeer from Monday 12 October. In this special time, people cook considerably more at home, and then a fine set of pans comes in handy. Customers receive 1 pot seal for every 10 euros. With 60 pan seals and an additional payment from 9.99 euros, customers have such a high-quality pan at home, according to AH. ‘You can save stamps up to and including January 31, 2021, full savings cards can still be returned in the store until February 7, 2021. By saving digitally in the app, customers automatically save when they do their shopping and stamps can easily be exchanged digitally with friends, neighbors and family. ‘

The high-quality collection of Royal van Kempen & Begeer consists of three sizes of frying pans, a skillet, wok, frying pan and grill pan. In addition, customers can save for a raclette grill. There are also various accessories available at Albert Heijn for a competitive price. It concerns pan protectors and a set of kitchen tools. Customers do not need to save stamps for these extras.

Excellent quality, 3-layer and PFAS-free
The frying pans from Royal van Kempen & Begeer are three-layered, made up of two layers of high-quality stainless steel with an aluminum layer in between. This ensures optimal heat distribution: the heat does not concentrate in one place, but spreads evenly over the baking surface and the sides of the pan. As a result, the entire pan has a constant temperature with superior baking results. According to the makers, the frying pans are finished with a strong and ceramic non-stick coating, provided with diamond for an extra strong and wear-resistant baking surface. ‘They are PFAS-free and have perfect non-stick properties, so that less oil or butter is needed. The pans have sturdy stackable stainless steel handles to save space in the kitchen cabinet and are dishwasher safe. There are also two solid cast iron pans in the collection: a frying pan and a grill pan. The modern designed frying pan has a glossy glazed outside, matt inside and stainless steel knob. The grill pan has two spouts to easily drain liquids. ‘

The pans from Royal van Kempen & Begeer are not only stylish, but also durable in use, says AH. ‘They don’t deform and are therefore always stable on the fire. The pans are oven-proof and suitable for all heat sources, including induction. ‘

New TV commercial
To draw attention to the pan savings campaign, Albert Heijn is starting a cross-media campaign, including a new TV commercial (see window below). In this commercial, supermarket manager Ilse cooks delicious autumn dishes in the new pans together with Bart, which is very swinging. A little too swinging if you ask Tommie. There is also a second variant, in which the convenience of digital savings is emphasized. More information about the pans and the savings campaign, see

About Royal van Kempen & Begeer
The company’s story began in 1789 and over the years, van Kempen & Begeer has grown into one of the most innovative producers of sterling silver. In 1858 van Kempen & Begeer received the designation ‘Royal’ and included the Dutch crown in its logo. With Royal van Kempen & Begeer, the leap is made to the contemporary and Van Kempen & Begeer is introducing numerous new high-quality products that suit stylish cooking. Quality, craftsmanship and an eye for detail are combined in beautiful collections. More info: ‘

(source: RvK & B)


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