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On Friday October 2, in Biarritz, your favorite servant attended Surfin’Bitcoin, the first 100% Bitcoin (BTC) conference to be held in France! And, I can tell you, it won’t have been easy. Your servant has already braved the storm all the way, from Nantes to Biarritz, his car failing to turn around 4 times as the squalls of Shitcoins were blowing so hard! Can you imagine… A 100% Bitcoin, 0% Shitcoin event, there was something to be afraid of… But like a superhero, I rejected the sweet songs of these cryptocurrencies seeking to pervert me with wonderful returns… To reach Biarritz , the Holy Land! What? Huh? How do I do too much Chef? Okay, okay, I’m getting it together Umm, umm. I’m going to report to you on an extremely interesting day, right in the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole!

A more than enticing program

For this first edition, the organizers made a strong effort ! It’s a real panel of experts which we had the right to open until the end of the day. And about the day, just one word on everyone’s lips: Bitcoin !

I can tell you, when I saw this program I was like “Florian, no choice, you have absolutely no excuse to miss this event!“.

Surfin'Bitcoin day program
A particularly attractive program

As you can see for yourself, there were beautiful people, very beautiful even !

The afternoon was cut out with interventions which can take two forms:

  • Conference on a theme ;
  • Round table with several speakers.

This plurality in the form of interventions allowed to see different approaches, but also to have diverse and varied opinions.

I would like to take advantage of writing this article to congratulate Yorick De Mombynes who initiated this series of interventions in the most beautiful way. His conference is to be put in the hands of any beginner who does not know where to start.

An organization of the extreme

Beyond an attractive program, the organization has not always been easy to Surfin’Bitcoin. Whose fault is it ? Rather to what in fact:

These two elements together had to give on several occasions cold sweats during the organization of the event… Nevertheless, despite a threat of cancellation 4 days before the fateful date, everything went as planned … or almost !

Unfortunately, some elements could not survive these last-minute unforeseen events …

For example, this is what I was promised on social media:

image of surfin'bitcoin a few days before the event

Well, I can tell you that this image was a lie ! Rather, here is what we were entitled to:

Admit that there was deception on the merchandise, right? Ok, you are probably right, the organizers have nothing to do with the storm … But it is true that it gave a special flavor to the event !


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

The health crisis, as for her, came much more disrupt Surfin’Bitcoin’s plans. Indeed, a few days of the day, the organizers have changed everything under penalty of having to cancel. Among the changes made:

  • No longer a single room for 120 people, but 3 rooms with 1 live and the other 2 in video ;
  • Goodbye rooftop networking evening well… those who were there know… 😉

Despite everything, the day was memorable and I think everyone left with stars… uh bitcoins in your eyes !

Personally, I sign directly to have one Surfin’Bitcoin per month ! Well then, I don’t know if the organizing team would be as ready as I am, given the energy it must have taken. Besides, they shake their heads at me… Too bad!

Balance sheet and future

In the end, if I had to give my opinion on this day, I would say “magnificent“. If the sun was not there in the sky, it was in the streets of Biarritz for a day and an evening thanks to the bitcoiners present !

It was really a great experience to meet again between people sharing the same convictions, and to be able to exchange freely on these subjects.

In the end, these are a few 5,000 people who will have attended Surfin’Bitcoin online, and 120 in person. A real success for the first edition of an event!

Next year, you will know which appointment to watch and don’t miss it!

But before leaving you, your servant managed to corner Joss, one of the organizers of Surfin’Bitcoin, so that he gives us his feelings about this first edition, but also that he tells us a little about the rest! I leave you with his answer.

We are very happy to have organized Surfin’Bitcoin despite the difficult conditions.

I think it has been proven that there is a real curiosity for Bitcoin in France, we welcomed more than 100 people from all over France and some even from abroad. The published event video is approaching the 7000 views one week after its broadcast and there was a peak at 700 live (i.e. x7 on the capacity of the event live and x700 in replay).

Next year, we want to find sponsors to host an even larger audience over two days, obviously with a conference, but also discovery and more advanced workshops to install your own bitcoin node for example.

We will do this one weekend mid-September to have better weather conditions and waves accessibles for beginners who want to take the introductory surfing workshop.


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

If you like Bitcoin, if you don’t like shitcoin, if you like to drink (shhh), if you don’t like not understanding anything about this ecosystem, then Surfin’Bitcoin was the event for you! But don’t panic, you’ll have plenty to catch up on in a year. Yes I know, it may sound long, but it’s like Christmas presents: waiting is part of the magic! And if you ever attend this second edition of Surfin’Bitcoin in 2021, don’t hesitate to come and chat with your favorite servant, because for sure, I will be there!


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