Mobotix presents figures for 2019/2020

Mobotix presented preliminary key data for the 2019/2020 financial year on Thursday. An increase in product-related sales from 61.3 million euros to 67.9 million euros is reported. “The reasons for this sales growth are on the one hand the restructuring and on the other hand the implementation of the new sales strategy, which is geared towards a partner program and a vertical market focus,” said the company. Before interest and taxes, Mobotix, adjusted for special effects, increased its profit from 2 million euros to 3 million euros. Including the special effect from the positive effect of the capitalized development costs, earnings before interest and taxes of 6.2 million euros are reported.

“Our annual results for the 2019/20 financial year confirm that MOBOTIX is developing in line with our“ Fit for the future ”restructuring program. In order to secure our global growth targets in the coming years, we are planning further investments in product innovation and sales / marketing, ”said Mobotix.

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