Grenke: Investor is increasing significantly

At Grenke there is a change in the shareholder structure. The change is hardly due to the acquisition of various instruments; rather, an investor has stocked up on shares. This is the Universal-Investment-Gesellschaft from Frankfurt.

So far Universal held 0.73 percent of Grenke, but on October 6, the position was increased. Since then, the share has been 3.18 percent. Of this, 3.01 percent (previously: 0.73 percent) are shares. That’s almost 1.4 million papers. Another 0.17 percent is held in the form of instruments. In this case, they are put options.

The shares of Grenke are giving up again today. The paper loses 3.4 percent to 38.92 euros. In the previous week the share was quoted just over 30 euros. The old highs of around 60 euros, which were on the price list before the allegations of shortsellers, are still a long way off. Various serious allegations regarding the cash position have since been refuted by auditors.


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