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Cocorico, we celebrate France today! We will not deal here with the rooster, but this project is still French: Baguette Token, the favorite cryptocurrency of baguette eaters, also known under the name of “Dogecoin killer”! If the baguette token has its origins in France, the project is no less international! In this article, we will discover together this project rich in news, and no less ambitious, all in a light context. The project Will Baguette Token (BGTT) be able to seduce you, as Dogecoin (DOGE) has done in the past?

Warning : This article is brought to you in partnership with Wand Token (BGTT). Crypto investments are risky by nature and subject to large fluctuations. Part of these risks is the partial or full loss of capital. This article does not constitute an investment invitation.

Birth and explanations of the Baguette Token

Token wand is a community project whose token is … in the image of a wand. Ok, I imagine you already suspected that. But be careful, not just any wand!

As said in the introduction, the Baguette Token is one of those ambitious projects, but who do not not to have too serious a label. So, the team behind the project decided to make Dogecoin your lifelong nemesis ! But a video is better than a thousand words.

From the top of its two and a half months of existence, Baguette Token is impressive and already has several thousand members and partner projects from all over the world..

The project was born from two observations very simple.

First of all, cryptocurrencies have been around for over ten years and no baguette crypto has seen the light of day yet. This is, of course, an unforgivable crime against the wand and all it stands for, that fine and refined end that Man has been consuming for generations!

Finally, cryptocurrencies are too much of a headache ! Everyone sees this only as a serious matter, and the team behind Baguette Token were fed up. What if we launched a French meme project, a kind of French version of Dogecoin just to have a good laugh? This is what went through their heads! The Token Wand shouldn’t be born anymore.

Baguette Token (BGTT), a crypto project in the image of France

A one-of-a-kind project

Baguette Token is a huge community. And a community on the move!

Even if the project is intended to be funny and not serious, theThe project intends to survive the next decade !

For exemple, here are the news announced by the Baguette Token community during the last two weeks :

  • Listing on Atomars and Probit
  • New version of the website
  • Burn 25% of the total supply and buyback of $ 20,000
  • Partnership with Ferrum Network
  • Airdrop of 300,000 BGTT
  • Launch of national groups including a French Telegram and a News Telegram

As you can see, the BGTT sets out to conquer the Universe with hot and crispy baguettes!

The community is planning a lot of other novelties, such as a mobile game based on NFTs, an online store to spend your BGTT, yield-farming, new partnerships and listings… What is certain is that the project has it in the belly (and not just the baguette)! If you ever like the project, you can join them without any worries! I have heard that they are currently distributing some hot BGTT to their new members … However, one should not forget that this project is very recent, and that nothing can assure its success or its failure. Furthermore, we must not lose sight of its fun and carefree nature. If you want to get a better idea of ​​them, you can follow their Twitter or their official Telegram. So, future Dogecoin-killer or crypto-meme forgotten? Only time can tell, and its community will decide the future of this project!


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