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After designing a unique game world allowing its users to create digital goods in the form of non-fungible tokens, Sandbox is tackling the adoption of its utility token. To achieve this goal and facilitate the integration of SAND into cryptocurrencies, several collaborations were launched with exchanges. This policy has spread to India where the token has just been listed on one of the most innovative local exchanges namely WazirX. According to the official announcement made by Sandbox, the ultimate goal of this partnership would be to enable investors to trade freely around the world. Explanations.


The reasons that justify the choice of WazirX

If the Indian exchange was chosen by Sandbox to take the first steps of its integration into the area it is mainly because of its many innovations. One of the main reasons for being WazirX is D’ ” offer an ultra-fast experience and guarantee transparent communication with its investors in order to maximize their returns “. WazirX has thus developed the world’s first auto-pairing P2P engine. In particular, this allows its customers to instantly convert their money into cryptocurrency and therefore now in SAND. An innovation that therefore allows any user to carry out transactions with confidence and as quickly as possible.

Contrary to what one might think, the mechanism developed by the WazirX technical team is very scalable which represents a significant asset in the sector. Indeed, in the event of increasing demand, the exchange would be able to satisfy it without facing platform congestion concerns. For better comfort during use, the exchange also integrate all the features and graphical tools of TradingView. By registering your utility token on the platform, Sandbox offers its community the opportunity to take full advantage of the revolutionary interface of WazirX.

A futuristic partnership in line with the creativity advocated by Sandbox

By partnering with WazirX , Sandbox has therefore found a partner with whom to speak the same language since he too places great importance on innovation through his game. Let us recall that one of his objectives is to ” build a universe where content developers can explore their creativity without any fear or barrier “. An approach shared by the two partners, which Sandbox mentioned in its official announcement. ” Our visionary goal is to take a forward-looking, performance-driven approach and create a future for the betterment of the trading chain community. Our dedicated team of developers are thrilled to be listed on the WazirX Exchange, as it opens up new possibilities for investors. We look forward to a futuristic partnership with WazirX which will be based on innovation, experimentation and creativity Can we read there.


After the partnerships with or Binance, Sandbox has therefore chosen this time the innovation of WazirX to further democratize the use of SAND around the world. The policy of expansion of the box being set in motion, we should not be long in witnessing new collaborations with other exchanges.


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