Media and Games Invest: pioneer in Sweden

Since the beginning of the week, the shares of Media and Games Invest have been listed on the Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market in Stockholm (Sweden). MGI is the first share that is listed on this Swedish stock exchange and on the Frankfurt stock exchange at the same time. In Frankfurt, the shares are listed in the Scale segment.

The Stockholmers would like to change that. Senior Vice President Adam Kostyal makes this clear: “For several years, Nasdaq Stockholm has established itself as the leading European platform for medium-sized growth companies in terms of the number of listings. We are seeing more and more interest from non-Nordic companies who want to get involved on this platform. ”From Kostyal’s point of view, one advantage is the increased visibility.

MGI could lead the way in Sweden’s ambitions. Kostyal continues: “Nasdaq Stockholm has established itself as an interesting market for growth companies, especially for sectors such as biotech, cleantech and gaming. These are industries that are growing continuously in Germany. “

So far, companies from Canada, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, Iceland, Malta, Norway and Sweden have been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.


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