How the donation does not become a tax trap

Is your own dental practice still an occasional gift?
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Customary occasional gifts are exempt from gift tax. But what is common? The car for your 18th birthday, the apartment at the start of your studies or your own doctor’s office for your graduation?

L.aura has what others dream of: a rich aunt. And Aunt Roswitha is not even stingy or stingy, but extremely generous and generous. Years ago she promised her niece Laura that she would finance her own doctor’s practice. Laura then sputtered herself and quickly completed her dentistry degree. Now it has been shown that the founding of a dental practice is a particularly expensive plaster. According to data from the Apotheker- und Ă„rztebank, an average of more than 500,000 euros is a good thing. But at the end of Laura’s medical studies, Aunt Roswitha makes no difference and provides the amount. But this begs the question: Is the money taxable?

In principle, gifts are taxable. Anyone who, as a father or mother, gives their children, as the saying goes, “with a warm hand” assets as a quasi preferred inheritance can use an exemption of 400,000 euros every ten years. All additional donations are subject to gift tax. If Roswitha’s donation to Laura with a value of 500,000 euros were classified as taxable, Laura would even have to pay 480,000 euros, because her degree of relationship only allows an exemption of 20,000 euros.


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