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ConsenSys and MetaMask are launching the “Google” of DeFi tokens, and better: the new functionality of MetaMask will indeed cover the vast field of DeFi to increase its users’ access to all tokens at the best price. by allowing them to negotiate them more easily and at lower costs.

Centralize the liquidity of decentralized finance

October 6, 2020, ConsenSys and MetaMask announce in a press release the launch of MetaMask Swaps. This feature allows you to compare the price of tokens and swap them directly into MetaMask.

MetaMask Swaps makes the user experience less expensive, less complex and more convenient by:

  • recovering the price of tokens from numerous decentralized liquidity protocols, whereas users previously had to go to many DEX or aggregators, to see the different tokens offered as well as their price. This would guarantee users the best prices for each pair to negotiate.
  • allowing users to trade tokens directly in one place, without having to obtain and wait for the approval of each token on each exchange, to be able to be traded.

An efficient scan of the various decentralized liquidity protocols, aggregators such asUniswap, Airswap, Kyber, 0x API,,, Paraswap, Totle, will allow MetaMask to have the greatest liquidity in DeFi, to give its users access to all the tokens available in the ecosystem and, to propose the best way to trade them at a lower cost.

MetaMask Swaps wants to rationalize all liquidity to improve not only UX but also, for better efficiency of Web3 and DeFi; this functionality should extend the access of cryptophiles to a DeFi which does not cease growing and which could not therefore be traversed manually, without a computer crawler.

MetaMask Swaps is initially only available to users of MetaMask sure Firefox ; its extension on other browsers and on MetaMask Mobile is planned, but we will have to wait.

MetaMask and ConsenSys: at the service of Ethereum and DeFi

August 2020, MetaMask announces license protection Consensys of his wallet Ethereum (ETH). Use of the browser extension code to connect directly to Ethereum, then became payable for some developers.

MetaMask is one of the wallets ETH most popular and a browser web3. ConsensSys is the leading software company ETH. Its product line consists ofInfura, of Quorum, of Codefi, of MetaMask, and of Diligence.


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

What would the web be like today without search engines and especially without the baby of Sergey Brin and Larry Page? Decentralize the system while centralizing information: DeFi continues to expand, a bot becomes essential as it pushes back its borders and thus increases the territory to be explored in order to be able to exploit it properly. We got the Uniswap clones – even if in the end SushiSwap mainly benefited the original – we will certainly have pasted copies of MetaMask Swaps, but this one is getting a head start which should make all the difference.


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