Working at AH and Jumbo is a favorite side job

The Labor Market Behavioral Research (AGO) of Intelligence Group is one in which 2,914 pupils and students were asked which organization they would most like to have a side job with. It is striking that the top ten this year contains a number of newcomers. PostNL, Police, Lidl and especially Domino’s Pizza have become a lot more popular this year among schoolchildren and students.

Supermarket chains remain the most favored organizations for a part-time job
Supermarket chains Albert Heijn and Jumbo Supermarkten have once again been chosen as the most favorite organizations to have a side job. Pupils and students who participated in the Intelligence Group survey last year will be automatically excluded from the new survey this year. Being named the most favorite employer for side jobs for several years in a row clearly shows how strong the employer brand of these supermarkets is, something that many employers will look at with envy. Building a strong employer brand takes a lot of time and is a long-term investment. It is therefore important to have a good strategy for you employer branding to have. For example, Albert Heijn bases its new part-time job campaign on insights that have emerged from conversations with employees.

‘We are very pleased that for the third time in a row we are the most favorite side job employer in the Netherlands, especially because we put a lot of energy into this,’ says René Herremans, director Employer Branding at Albert Heijn. MarketingTribune. ‘We are not only concerned with employer branding and recruitment, but also, in particular, increasingly attuning the work itself to the wishes and needs of our employees. In particular, the atmosphere and conviviality within the supermarkets make the real difference for the employees and for the customers. They too notice when employees enjoy working for us and enjoy their work. ‘

Attention to employer brand
The number two in the list, Jumbo Supermarkten, has also taken major steps in its employer branding in recent years. Lotte Konieczek, Recruitment & Employer Branding Manager at Jumbo Supermarkten, has seen over the past two years how the growing organization is paying more and more attention to the importance of good recruitment. “From a strategic point of view, as the largest group of employees for Jumbo, supporters are always number one. We use national campaigns to strengthen our employer brand among this group. At the beginning of 2020, we came across YouTube legend Bram Krikke for our employer branding campaign. Our youth panel unanimously indicated that it would be great if they (supporters) could participate in one of his episodes. And so it happened. Throughout the year, we deploy target group-oriented recruitment campaigns for the various industries for which Jumbo is looking for supporters, ”Konieczek said. For each campaign, panels of young people are consulted and we look at what best suits that specific target group. For example, a recruitment campaign aimed at stock fillers may look different from a campaign aimed at recruiting delivery staff or employees for the distribution center or for the La Place restaurants.

But how has Jumbo Supermarkten got her in recent years employer brand so strong, the researchers wonder? According to Lotte Konieczek, this is because Jumbo always clearly shows what working at Jumbo means, by communicating as authentically as possible. ‘Our statement is’ Jumbo, that’s where it happens’ … and we constantly show that in our communications, statements and recruitment events. For example, in its new recruitment campaign “Behind the scenes”, Jumbo shows what happens in the various industries during, but also before and after working hours. ‘We know that young people who are looking for a side job choose us in particular because they want to work in a pleasant team. By being authentic and showing what working in different branches of Jumbo entails and what kind of team you will end up in, young people can better assess what suits them and where they would like to work. As a result, we see that the job applications from side jobs have become qualitatively better and are now more often focused on one specific industry, such as delivery driver, restaurant employee or stock filler. ‘ Jumbo’s employer branding is already envious for many, but when you ask Lotte Konieczek what her goal is for the coming year, there is only one answer: ‘the employer of choice are for all target groups that we focus on, by constantly being able to address the best people who want to work at Jumbo and who also fit in with Jumbo. ‘

In addition to Albert Heijn and Jumbo Supermarkets, three other supermarkets are in the top ten this year. PLUS has retained sixth place this year, Dirk van den Broek has risen from tenth to eighth place and Lidl has risen from seventeenth to ninth place. With more than half of the places on this list, the top ten most favorite employers to have a side job are thus dominated by the supermarket chain.

Domino’s Pizza and PostNL as the biggest climbers in the top 10
A comparison of this year’s top 10 with those of last year shows that Domino’s Pizza is the biggest riser by scum. Domino’s rose from 71st to 8th place. PostNL has also risen rapidly from 41st to 3rd place. Robert Groenenboom, Recruitment Manager at PostNL, says he is very happy with this increase. ‘We want to be the favorite delivery person for the Netherlands and now we are also one of the favorite side jobs for pupils and students. PostNL is a large employer and together we are a reflection of the Dutch population. We recognize that pupils and students also know where to find us and that many young people work with us. As a delivery person you work independently and in the open air. In this special and busy corona time, our work is ideal for young people who are looking for a (temporary) job. ‘

Part-time job at the Police
This year, the Police has also often been appointed as an organization where pupils and students would like to have a side job. The Police was still in twelfth place last year and this year has risen to fourth place in the top ten. A place where the Police are honored, but also surprised. It is striking that the Police does not offer any side jobs for students at all. ‘This has to do with the nature of the organization and with the mandatory screening of a few months,’ says Kim Joosten, labor market communication advisor at the Police, ‘There are positions at Service and Intake where students work who do this as a side job, but here there is a minimum number of hours that you have to work. ‘ Kim Joosten indicates that there are currently no specific plans to start setting up further side jobs for pupils and students, but that there is always a high demand for internships at the Police.

Despite the fact that the Police does not offer side jobs as a police officer, Joosten does have a possible explanation for the strong employer brand that the Police has clearly built up among schoolchildren and students: ‘We naturally benefit from the fact that the police are such a large and visibly present organization. . For example, we have been well represented on TV for school pupils and students in recent years with popular programs such as Dienders, De Meldkamer and Bureau Burgwallen, where a glimpse into the training and the real police work is given. We have also been fully visible with our recruitment campaigns for and agents, with pupils and students as the main target groups. A lot of new agents have to join the training, and we have to focus a lot on this, especially in the Randstad areas. That is why last year we started a large-scale campaign “Everything you got – Make it a police work”. Of course we mainly put these away online, and with outdoor advertising. But now a TV commercial has been broadcast for the first time in years. Not only to reach the recruitment target group, but also to get in the picture among their influencers and to promote respect for police work among the general public. ‘

Differences between men and women


Favorite employer men / Favorite employer women

1. Albert Heijn / Albert Heijn

2. Jumbo Supermarkets / Jumbo Supermarkets

3. PostNL / Kruidvat

4. Google / Police

5. Dirk van den Broek / Hema

6. Domino’s Pizza / Shell

7. Mediamarkt / Lidl

8. Plus / Amersfoort Animal Park

9. Apple / Douglas

10. Police / H&M

Source: Intelligence Group, AGO (Q3-2019 to Q2-2020)

Supermarket chains are the most favorite organizations for both male and female school and college students to have a side job. Albert Heijn is the number one favorite employer for both and Jumbo Supermarkten the number two. However, it can be seen that this similarity between men and women does not apply to the other supermarket chains in the top ten. While men more often refer to Dirk van den Broek and PLUS as their favorite employer, women more often choose Lidl.

The difference between men and women clearly shows that the biggest risers in the top ten favorite employers among school and college students, namely PostNL and Domino’s Pizza, were mainly caused by an increase in popularity among men. In addition to the supermarket chains, we also see many other stores in the top ten among women, such as Kruidvat, Hema, Douglas and H&M.


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