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RankingThe largest car companies in the world

Not long ago, automakers were the top-selling companies in the world. That era seems to be over. Only two representatives of the industry are represented in the top 10 of the “Fortune Global 500”. This year’s list of the world’s largest companies in terms of sales highlights the carmaker’s crisis.

Six of the ten largest car companies had to report a decline in total sales for the 2019 fiscal year that ended in March 2020. For two of the largest groups in the industry, the decline was even double-digit. For the other competitors, the growth was mostly well below two percent.

Profits in the auto industry collapse

It looked more dramatic with the profits. Seven of the ten top runners had to report a minus to their shareholders, and all of them had double-digit profits. One group even recorded a decline of more than 300 percent. At a traditional global corporation, profits fell to less than $ 50 million. The German auto industry also had a difficult year. In return, all three groups were able to announce significant increases with increasing profits at the beginning of the Corona crisis.

These are the largest automakers in the world.


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