Popcorn Stories: sleep well, the Netherlands

Storytelling agency Popcorn Stories has developed an online video in collaboration with the Refugee Foundation, Defense for Children and Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland, with the aim of making the Netherlands aware of its responsibility when it comes to taking refugees.

Image: still from video.

And you do that not only by sending tents and food their way, but especially by offering them a safe place here, according to the parties mentioned. The video was prompted by the recent fire in the Moria refugee camp, which left thousands of refugees roaming through Greece without a permanent roof over their heads. Of them, 5,000 are children without parents or relatives. The Netherlands has decided to take in 100 refugees.

An inhumane choice, says Michan Tolman, owner of Popcorn Stories. ‘The Netherlands normally takes in 500 refugees a year who fall into the’ extremely vulnerable ‘category. Think of the seriously ill, persecuted Christians and LGBTI people. The 100 refugees who come from Greece are deducted from this number. So there has simply been exchanged and at the bottom of the line, the Netherlands does nothing extra. Much has been said about it, but I notice that this issue is already being forgotten by many people. That is why we want to get this message out there right now. ‘

Half of all Dutch municipalities have now passed a motion to receive 500 children. The message in the video is somewhat cynical in nature, in which a father (played by Michan Tolman) reads his daughter from a children’s book and tries to explain to her the choice of the Netherlands. Watch it below:


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