Partnership between bitFlyer and PayPal

When bitFlyer, the number one Bitcoin exchange in Japan announces that it has similar ambitions in Europe and the United States, it is not kidding. As cryptocurrencies gain more and more users around the world, bitFlyer has made it a simple mission to make Bitcoin and cryptocurrency ever more accessible, easily and securely. Partnering with Paypal to make instant deposits on the platform is a huge step forward that goes in the right direction to promote more widespread adoption of crypto in Europe! Zoom on the new bitFlyer phenomenon!

Warning : This sponsored article is offered to you in partnership with the company bitFlyer. Crypto investments are risky by nature, do your own research and invest only within the limits of your financial capacity. This article does not constitute an investment invitation.

PayPal, the new way to deposit your funds quickly and securely on the bitFlyer exchange!

The partnership with Paypal is a small revolution in the crypto industry. Whether you are looking for your first bitcoins or an informed investor, already well aware of the advantages offered by the number one exchange of Japan which landed in Europe a few years ago. Why do we speak of a small revolution? Because the millions of users who have an account PayPal and which you may be a part of, will now be able to deposit funds in Fiat currency and exchange them for Bitcoins, Litecoin, Ethers and other cryptocurrencies that can be found on bitFlyer.

When we seek to buy bitcoins, the first question to ask yourself is that of the means you will choose to obtain it, if you are not a mining pro, this will first translate into a benchmark of the various purchasing services of Bitcoins. From this point of view, bitFlyer has many advantages that we discussed in an article presenting the platform.

The bitFlyer dashboard for buying Bitcoin

Once you find yourself on a platform that you deem trustworthy, the second step is that of registering, verifying your account etc … Often tedious but necessary steps to ensure the best security and respect the regulations in force concerning financial investments in Europe. On this specific point, bitFlyer has made it a point of honor for the security of its users and in particular has European SSL certification to attest to its reliability.

These steps successfully passed, you are finally ready to obtain the long awaited Grail, welcome to the realm of bitcoin and crypto ! You will finally be able to exchange your Euros against cryptos (Bitcoins, Ethers, Litecoin …) and it is precisely at this point that your PayPal account will make your life much easier. Indeed, while bank transfers can sometimes take up to 3 working days to be made, the deposit with your PayPal account will be done almost instantly on the platform. Zero waiting to get your first cryptocurrencies on bitFlyer or increase the amount of cryptocurrency in your possession. This is excellent news for all fans of PayPal, the famous payment company that has had the opportunity to make the headlines several times in the cryptosphere, for its participation in Facebook’s Libra consortium in particular.

On bitFlyer, the partnership with Paypal thus completes an already significant instant purchase offer as part of the functionality “Instant Buy” already available and which allows in particular to make purchases with a credit card and now with a PayPal account!

A feature that should delight millennials, as more and more of them are subscribing to bitFlyer

Eager to get to know the users of its services better, the bitFlyer exchange conducted a major survey in 2020. The main results show that the users of the service are getting younger and younger. The majority of bitFlyer users are in their twenties, so we’re talking about the famous millennials.

Information from bitFlyer that has been collected globally in Europe, Japan and USA, the three areas where the exchange is present. What’s also interesting is that this strong propensity for millennials has increased since the last such study bitFlyer conducted in 2018. An upward trend that has therefore been observed for 2 years in this age group.

To illustrate this point, the Japanese exchange revealed the results of its study in graphical form. We can see that in Europe in 2020, almost 32% of new users are between 20 and 30 years old. They were only 14% in this case in 2018. In the USA, the phenomenon is exactly the same and in Japan we go from 18 to 36%. An increase of 18 points therefore on a global scale.

Keen to learn more about how people like you as a reader of Thecointribune are interested in cryptocurrencies, the results of the bitFlyer survey show that its users invest in cryptocurrency for 6 main reasons:

  1. Cryptocurrencies have good prospects for the future
  2. It is possible to start investing with small amounts
  3. This saves skills and knowledge
  4. The prospects for the use of cryptocurrencies in the future are significant
  5. Their medium and long term use is interesting
  6. Short-term profit prospects
The cryptomonnaies and lure them by age group

Finally, the question you have surely already asked yourself when entering the cryptocurrency market. What crypto to invest in? Sometimes a real dilemma! What to do, in fact, faced with these thousands of cryptos, the emergence of decentralized finance, the ICO phenomena? In short, the world of cryptocurrencies is a jungle that you have to know how to handle. Let’s see what bitFlyer users think. Asked about it, they are 61% favor Bitcoin, comes second without too much surprise Ethereum (12%) then XRP (9%), the often controversial cryptocurrency of Ripple Labs which was particularly talked about in 2017 when its price had risen from 0.30 cents to nearly 3 dollars. Users also cited cryptocurrency in number BAT from the web browser Brave who wants to shade Google Chrome.

Partnership with PayPal but not only: many new features to discover on bitFlyer

Since the start of September, the announcements of bitFlyer in terms of new features are many. We spoke in particular of the functionality of “Cross Border Trading” in detail in a previous article. A novelty that acts as a small revolution for bitcoin traders who will now have the ability to access liquidity from Bitcoin in the Japanese market. In particular, this will prevent price slippage phenomena, to reduce the differences between buying and selling prices. In short, bitFlyer thus allows any European trader to benefit from the advantages offered by the prolific Bitcoin market in Japan where the exchange has established itself as number 1 for years by pooling more than 70% of BTC exchanges carried out on Japanese territory. No need to log in anymore via several accounts and exchanges to access this Japanese market, open a bitFlyer account or log in if you already have one!

Another announcement that concerns this time the bitFlyer smartphone application and in particular the IOS version: a new widget is available for the new version of IOS 14. You have surely followed it if you have an iPhone and your version of OS is up to date, new types of features “Widgets” have appeared. In this context, bitFlyer took the opportunity to develop a new widget that will allow you to follow the evolution of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency prices at a glance. You will therefore always be on the lookout for possible price variations. Finally, if you want to know more about the bitFlyer application, we advise you to take a look at this article !

bitFlyer, buy and trade your BTC with ease

Conclusion, an increasingly efficient bitFlyer exchange for holding and trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

Finding a good exchange to buy your cryptos and trade them is never easy. One thing is certain: bitFlyer offers a number of growing benefits, whether you are a beginner or more experienced, there is a place for everyone. Buy Bitcoin by paying with PayPal, access Japanese cash and take courses via the new IOS 14 widget, frankly we understand better why millennials are seduced by the Japanese giant. So, millennials or not, we can only advise you to take a look at bitFlyer and read our dedicated articles in order to give you an opinion before go and create an account on the platform !

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