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“No delay in event aid”

Help from the State for this sector particularly affected by the health crisis has finally arrived. This is confirmed by both the Ministry of Labor and the Luxembourg Event Association (LEA).

Jean-Francois COLIN

Help from the State for this sector particularly affected by the health crisis has finally arrived. This is confirmed by both the Ministry of Labor and the Luxembourg Event Association (LEA).

Confused since mid-March by the health crisis, the calendars of major festive, cultural and business events seem to be growing again. However, for the events sector, 2020 will remain a dark year, already weighed down by nine months of pandemic. More than in any other sector, state aid has been and continues to be valuable. The Ministry of Labor ensures that “no delay in the payment of partial unemployment can be confirmed.”.

An assertion whose correctness has been faulted in recent months. But this time, everything seems to be fine. As evidenced by the opinion of Charles Schroeder, the president of the Luxembourg Event Association (LEA) for whom “when it works well, it must also be said”. If the representative of the association born last May and now federating 75 members concedes “some delays observed at the end of July and in August during the holiday period”, he emphasizes that “everything has been back to normal since mid-September “.

Stopped for two months, and not perceiving a recovery for several months, the event sector has decided to federate. LEA thus intends to defend the interests of a sector which weighs nearly half a billion euros in the Luxembourg economy.

In a response to Laurent Mosar and Martine Hansen (CSV), the Ministry of Labor specifies that from March to June, there was talk of an “advance for partial unemployment for cases of force majeure”, directly paid “via a procedure accelerated ”. On the other hand, from the month of July, “structural partial unemployment” became applicable to the events sector. Implied: in this case, the procedure no longer consists of an advance of funds, but is done “on the basis of the statements provided by the company”.

The Recovery and Solidarity Fund is the second axis of public aid to the events sector. Here, the deadline for submitting applications to the Directorate General of the Middle Classes expired on September 15. However, claims the ministry of Lex Delles (DP), “as of September 29, 90% of the files had been investigated and, to a large extent, the payments made”. “Here too, everything is practically up to date,” confirms Charles Schroeder. “Of course it is up to each company to keep all its administrative paperwork meticulously and to respect the deadlines”, adds the managing partner of Party Rent.

Indeed, the processing of the submitted files supposes, for each request, the verification of multiple documents on the part of the administration: registration number of each employee, reality of short-time working, assessment of the loss of turnover (eligibility above -25%), etc.

However, no data is available on the amounts allocated by the State to the sector. The reason is simple: partial unemployment is divided into different categories according to the “NACE” codes, themselves in accordance with the European nomenclature of economic activities. “However, specifies a spokesperson for the Ministry of Labor, the event sector is not defined as such. Aid is therefore diluted between Horesca, companies specializing in sound, others in lighting, others in the artistic. ”

Arbeitsminister Dan Kersch - Foto: Pierre Matgé / Luxemburger Wort

Dan Kersch spoke about the health crisis and its economic consequences, in particular on the evolution of the labor market. The Minister of Labor and Employment also raises the question of taxation.

The services of Minister Dan Kersch recall in passing that the new regulations concerning partial unemployment “run until December 31”. But “an analysis of the evolution of the situation” could lead the government to have to “take additional measures for next year”.

In this context, the speech of the Prime Minister on the state of the Nation scheduled for October 13 is expected by the sector. “Xavier Bettel could on this occasion communicate news in terms of unemployment and state aid,” hopes Charles Schroeder following his meeting on Monday with the Prime Minister.


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