Joh. Friedrich Behrens: Details on the new bond

A few weeks ago the news came that Joh. Friedrich Behrens was preparing a new bond. Now there are the relevant facts. The new bond should have a volume of up to 15.0 million euros. The annual interest rate is 7.25 percent. A half-yearly payment of the interest is planned. The term of the new bond is five years. It will be tradable in the Open Market in Frankfurt.

Investors in the bond, which will expire on November 11, can exchange their paper for the new bond with a cash settlement. The exchange period runs from October 8th to November 2nd. At the same time, new investors can subscribe to the bond from October 8th to November 5th. A subscription is possible, among other things, via “Direct Place” on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

The fresh money is to be used to refinance the expiring bond.

In the morning Behrens announced that they were receiving support from the state of Schleswig-Holstein. 2 million euros come into the company through loans and silent participation. The federal government is also hoping for help in the seven-figure range. There are positive signs here that the relevant application will be approved. The Federal Ministry of Economics has not yet made a final statement on this.


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