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Still looking for a quality exchange that brings real added value to your crypto investment strategy? The SwissBorg Wealth App has everything to be a real nugget of the sector that will allow you to make your investments and build a solid cryptocurrency portfolio. Indeed, the project was launched in 2017 following a successful ICO worth $ 52 million anyway. After the ICO craze of this period, SwissBorg is now one of the few projects to deploy a stable and reliable product on the market with the launch of its cryptocurrency investment application: the SwissBorg Wealth App. Let’s find out together why and how this app is reinventing the way you can buy and invest in cryptocurrency today!


An ultra ergonomic grip!

Since writing for Cryptocurrencies I had the opportunity to test many applications and exchanges that allow you to buy cryptocurrency, the registration process follows the same standards dictated by financial regulation. This is why when registering you will most often be asked to verify your identity in order to validate your registration and your account in order to finally be able to start investing in the market.

At the registration level, the UX / UI design teams of SwissBorg really did a great job. Indeed, the registration process is extremely fluid, after downloading the application available on IOS and Android, allow less than 2 minutes to complete your registration and verify your identity documents.

Once registered, make a deposit worth 50 euros and start earning up to 100 euros of Bitcoin (BTC) by co-opting your friends on the platform. Indeed, once you carry out this operation you obtain a Bitcoin version scratch card that contains a Bitcoin value between 1 and 100 euros, not bad to start building up a little bitcoin nest egg right?

SwissBorg application interface

What cryptocurrencies are available?

The SwissBorg app was launched 6 months ago with the ability to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ether and CHSB on board. Since then, the teams of SwissBorg have worked on adding new cryptocurrencies at the rate of 3 new cryptocurrencies available per month since June. It is also interesting to list the available cryptocurrencies knowing that they have great potential in the medium / long term.

We thus find, in addition to the initials Bitcoins, Ethers and CHSB the following cryptocurrencies:

  • USD coin : A stable coin backed by the value of the US dollar
  • PAX Gold : A token backed by the value of gold
  • Enjin : A token linked to a gaming ecosystem based on blockchain technology
  • Kyber Network : Token linked to the decentralized exchange
  • Compound: The token linked to the decentralized finance protocol of the same name
  • Aave : Token linked to the decentralized finance protocol
  • Ren : A project allowing private transfers between blockchains
  • Dai : The dollar-backed stablecoin issued by the MakerDAO project
  • Binance Coin : The token linked to the Binance exchange

A total of 12 cryptocurrencies available which will allow you to have a good diversification of your portfolio.

How can SwissBorg AI help you with your investments?

The real added value of SwissBorg partly resides in the tools made available to you in a very clear manner on each cryptocurrency. You will be able to find a total of 3 indicators. A great help in order to better anticipate price variations.

Presentation of the Cyborg and Swissborg Predictor indicators as well as the
The Swissboard dashboard, your best asset to tame the market

The first tool available to you is the “Cyborg Predictor” an indicator based on a artificial intelligence algorithm which notably uses Machine Learning. In short, the algorithm ingests countless data such as historical information from the cryptocurrency market as well as a multitude of technical indicators. This highly effective indicator makes it possible to visualize a trend “Bullish” for anticipation of a price increase or “Bearish” for a downward anticipation of the price movement. All over a 24-hour period.

The second tool available is the “SwissBorg indicator”, this indicator visually gives you the current market trend. It is calculated by combining several key indicators including in particular RSI, MACD lines, bollinger bands and the trend over the last ten days. SwissBorg thus carries out free for you an analysis worthy of the best crypto traders.

Finally the last tool presented in the form of gauge is the market sentiment of the SwissBorg community, it is based on the volume of transactions carried out in the last 24 hours on the SwissBorg Wealth App. This indicator thus compares the pressure to buy and sell in the market. Here you can track the actions of your little comrades on the wealth App.

And as all this was not enough, you will also be able to have support and resistance indicators, these are calculated automatically by an algorithm, they are important in the sense that they indicate the levels in which the price is most likely to evolve in the medium term. Indeed, points of support or resistance often require a small event in the market in order to be overcome.

Full transparency on the execution of your trades on the SwissBorg Wealth App

As you know, transparency on transactions is an essential element in the philosophy of Bitcoin and more generally cryptocurrencies and the underlying blockchain technology. Unfortunately, not all cryptocurrency exchanges offer this transparency at all and instead act like “black boxes”.

To offer full transparency, SwissBorg has deployed the “Smart Exchange Report”. When you want to buy or sell cryptocurrency through your SwissBorg Wealth App, initially the “Smart engine” will seek the best buy or sell price to maximize your profit. Then the “Smart Exchange Report” will make it possible to trace exactly the journey of your investment to reach its target.

Presentation of the smart exchange report service which offers you complete transparency on your transactions
The road between your Euros and your Bitcoins is sometimes long

This will allow you to transparently track what happens when you execute a trade. In short, SwissBorg compares prices on multiple platforms and can even perform a succession of multiple cryptocurrency exchanges in order to get maximum value for the money you invest. The objective, as you will understand, is to maximize transparency in the market and to avoid hidden costs but also to obtain the best price for your trade.

SwissBorg Wealth App, exponential growth over the past 6 months, permanent innovation and an ambitious roadmap!

Exceptional growth

Since the launch of the application, the user base has grown to today more than 46,000 users in 107 different countries. Cocorico, the largest number of SwissBorg users are in France with nearly 5,500 verified users. The other large user pools can be found at UK, Italy, Switzerland of course or in Poland and Spain. All these geographical areas thus have more than 3,500 users.


Regarding the amount of investments made, it is the users Swiss who are in first position with more than $ 12 million invested, follow the UK and the France with more than $ 3 million in respective investments.

Overall, the investments made on the SwissBorg Wealth App represented $ 57 million in value. Withdrawals amounted to nearly $ 29 million. Currently there are nearly $ 30 million in cryptocurrency value, including $ 2.5 million in profits for its users.

The teams of SwissBorg were also able to communicate on their trade volumes, once again in full transparency as many trades are accused of falsifying trade volumes. On its best trading day, SwissBorg recorded over $ 3 million worth of cryptocurrencies traded. Over $ 11 million on best week and $ 30 million on best trading month. Figures which bode well for the future.

The Smart Yield Account, an innovation from SwissBorg!

You can’t have missed it, for some time it is possible to generate profits on the cryptocurrencies you hold. This is called the yield.

Nevertheless, between:

  • Challenge ;
  • CeFi ;
  • Liquidity Pool ;
  • Yied Farming.

Sometimes it is complicated to know which one to choose, which one is the most profitable, and what are the risks associated with each of these protocols. In addition, for each possibility, there are different rules to know and master

SwissBorg then comes into all of this, and decides to do the perfect product : an aggregator that allows you automatically have the best rates, without any effort on your side!

Interesting feedback with the smart yield account

The promise of Smart Yield Account breaks down into 3 essential points.

SMART. Thanks to the aggregation of several platforms offering rates on your cryptocurrencies, SwissBorg makes sure to constantly select the best return for you and therefore the best possible profitability.

SIMPLE. No minimum capital (10 €), no lock time on your cryptocurrencies. You can go in and out whenever you want. Smart Yield Account, and that is more than pleasant flexibility in an industry where things are going fast!

SECURED. Perhaps one of the big strengths of this new feature. Part of the rewards generated by the yield will automatically be transferred to a security fund. So, in case of concerns about a protocol, your funds will be refunded to you ! Being able to combine performance and safety is a big advantage!

The values ​​of Swissborg's new product, the Smart Yield Account

And with this new feature, SwissBorg has decided to put its CHSB token at the center of it all, since the rewards will simply be doubled with the latter. What to have really interesting performance !

For the moment, alone the USDC will be available, but very quickly the team will add the DAI, USDT, BTC and ETH to the possibilities.

And the best is yet to come!


And it must be said that the sequel is ambitious, we can not wait to see new features appear and reward for the Premium version of the application accessible to holders of a certain amount of CHSB, the SwissBorg utility token which we will discuss in more detail shortly. The implementation of new products taking the best of DeFi and Cefi. Lots of ambitious new features to come!

Conclusion: SwissBorg, a real nugget for investing in Bitcoin

SwissBorg is the new application to download to your phone to invest and have cutting-edge tools to best invest in crypto. The design, ergonomics and playfulness are really there. A real success therefore with the added bonus of a very interesting co-optation program allowing you to quickly earn nearly 100 euros in Bitcoin values!


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