Erasmus University and Nima: Post-Master Marketing Leadership

In this Post-Master Marketing program, which lasts 18 months, the marketer receives a very complete and relevant marketing and business development training.

You will be supervised by teachers from Erasmus University and highly experienced marketers who work for leading companies. After this training, according to Nima, the participant has the best baggage to move on to a tough marketing job in which he / she will make a difference as a team leader and contribute to the ambitious objectives of the company.

Arie Barendrecht of Erasmus University (see photo below) is the creator of the Post-master.

You were closely involved in setting up a new post-master Marketing in collaboration with Nima. What does that add? A post-master? Is Nima C not enough at that level?

‘When I took the Nima-A exam at De Jaarbeurs in Utrecht at the end of the eighties, I was literally among thousands of others who also took that exam. The marketing courses of the then SRM, ISW and IBW were the only marketing courses of significance. That world has changed completely. Every year, hundreds of bachelors and masters enter the Dutch market from dozens of Dutch colleges and universities, who have graduated in marketing and who are directly accepted in companies for all kinds of junior marketing positions. Those full-time trained marketers have literally never heard of Nima. They do not know, do not know why they would need it and therefore lack the enormously useful access to the large knowledge and contact network of 3,000 practice marketers. Those young marketers are seeking enrichment of their budding practical knowledge. In turn, members of Nima need those young marketers for their teams. ‘

At what career point is that need greatest?

‘Exactly where I myself started my marketing study in the evenings years ago; when, after a number of years in practice, a marketer wants to prepare for growth towards a leadership position; marketing manager, marketing director, commercial director. The Post-Master’s in Marketing Leadership is the growth accelerator that young marketers benefit most from, with input into the program evenly split between Erasmus University’s marketing teachers and Nima. Thanks to this post-master’s, those young marketing dogs will have access to all conceivable and unthinkable practical marketing information and the immense contact network in which experienced marketers and executives have been working for years. ‘


This Post-Master lasts 18 months and is divided into 16 modules. A module is given every month (except holiday periods). The modules last one day, from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm and take place alternately on the campus of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam or at one of the Nima partners elsewhere in the country.

Prior to each class day, participants are expected to prepare by studying articles and / or watching short video lectures with an introduction and background to the theory. During the teaching days, the emphasis is on interaction and application of the theory and cases. After a module, participants always set to work in their own work environment with a challenging assignment to gain practical experience with the new theory.

The following topics are covered during this program:

  1. Business Model Innovation
  2. (Digital) Marketing Strategy
  3. Marketing Finance (Finance for non-financials)
  4. Brand positioning and brand management
  5. Competitive intelligence
  6. Content marketing and social media strategy
  7. Pricing
  8. Intro Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
  9. Neuromarketing
  10. Management skills & inspiring leadership


The program will start on January 15, 2021, followed by a monthly module (excluding the holiday period). Questions about this Post-Master program can be mailed to You can find a link to the registration page here


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