Stage Entertainment: Musical company only expects shows again

Because of the corona pandemic, numerous musical performances have also been canceled. The company Stage Entertainment is now making it clear that there will be no more shows until 2021.

The musical company Stage Entertainment sees chances for the resumption of the first shows and musicals in Germany only in the new year. “The prerequisite for the start of gaming operations is the profitability of the productions,” said managing director Uschi Neuss on Tuesday in Hamburg.

With currently well below 1,000 seats allowed everywhere, performances would be clearly deficient. Officially approved increases are more than unrealistic in view of the current corona situation for 2020.

“We are well prepared to start again as soon as we are able to do so,” said Neuss. One of the biggest hurdles for the restart since the corona-related closure of all theaters has already been removed: the artists are allowed to act on the stage in the original productions – only kissing and biting is not allowed. Discussions with all responsible committees about possible solutions for the industry, which is relevant for 3.5 million visitors annually, would continue to be held intensively.

Houses are scheduled to open gradually in early 2021

Nevertheless, Stage now has to adapt the Germany-wide program and is relying on the successive opening of its houses from the beginning of 2021. For example, one theater is to reopen at each location.

The first show in each case would be “Pretty Woman” in the Stage Theater on the Elbe in Hamburg, “Tanz der Vampire” in the Stage Palladium Theater in Stuttgart and the “Blue Man Group” in the Stage Bluemax Theater in Berlin. The company now wants to get in touch with all ticket holders affected by the postponements as soon as possible.

The premiere of “Mamma Mia!” in Hamburg’s Stage Theater Neue Flora is postponed to May 2022, the German premiere of the Disney musical “Frozen” to August 2021. Stage Entertainment operates nine theaters in Hamburg, Berlin and Stuttgart. The turnover in 2017/2018 was around 300 million euros.


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