Sartorius Vz. – now exchange potential in buffer?

Sartorius Vz. – now exchange potential in buffer?

Based on the current all-time high of 375 euros for the more liquid preference share with ISIN DE0007165631, the Göttingen-based laboratory equipment supplier Sartorius is valued at 24.9 billion euros and ranks third in the MDAX behind Airbus and Siemens Healthineers. The share is even above the If you want to get involved here, you can build up a comfortable buffer for weak phases with the right certificate.

Discount strategy with 10 percent buffer (December)

The SG’s discount certificate with ISIN DE000SR8KJ34 offers a safety buffer of 10.5 percent at a price of 336.68 euros. The maximum amount (cap) of 350 euros results in a potential return of 13.32 euros or 17.4 percent p.a. If the share closes below the cap on December 18, 2020, investors receive delivery of one share instead of paying the maximum amount.

Capped bonus strategy with 27 percent buffer (December)

There is more buffer with a barrier: The SG’s bonus certificate with cap (ISIN DE000SB20J20) has a bonus and maximum amount (cap) of 384 euros. Provided that the barrier is 270 euros (buffer 27.8 percent) up to Valuation day 18.12.20 is never touched or undercut, investors receive the bonus amount. At the purchase price of 372.80 euros, the maximum profit is 11.20 euros, which corresponds to a return of 13.2 percent pa The product is currently trading with a slight Discount about 1.50 euros cheaper than the share.

Capped Bonus Pro strategy with 22 percent buffer (March)

The Bonus Pro Certificate with Cap from SG (ISIN DE000SR8T8K3) has a longer term, but a shorter observation period. The barrier at EUR 292.50 (buffer 21.8 percent) is only active between February 19, 21 and March 19, 21 – if it is not breached this month, the certificate pays the maximum amount of EUR 400. From the purchase price of 373.07 euros, the maximum profit of 26.93 euros or 15.4 percent p.a. Here, too, there is a small discount of around 1.25 euros.

Report conclusion: The discount and bonus certificates address short to medium-term oriented investors who expect the Sartorius preferred share to move sideways and want to invest part of the price potential in a predefined maximum return and a comfortable safety buffer.

This article does not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell Sartorius Vz. Shares or investment products based on Sartorius Vz. Shares. No liability is assumed for the correctness of the data.

Author: Thorsten Welgen


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