Paion share: is the knot finally bursting? – Chart analysis

A quick look at the technical chart of the Paion share, which was able to achieve a significant price gain yesterday evening. It went from XETRA trading at EUR 2.45, an increase of more than 6 percent. In the meantime, the Aachen company’s share price had reached EUR 2.51. Current indications are clearly pointing up this morning and are currently trading at EUR 2.54 / 1.56. The price jump was triggered yesterday Paion’s US news on Remimazolam. Sales of the newly approved anesthetic from the West German company will start here in 2020.

So there is life again in the Paion share. Stock exchange tongues would now say: “Wait and see how long …” Recently, upward movements in the paper were always sold off very quickly – we had shed more light on this over the past week. But it doesn’t always have to stay that way and at some point the sales also come to an end.

To yesterday’s news from Paion, however, technical buy signals could also be added as amplifiers. “Buy signals at 2.39 / 2.41 euros and 2.49 euros as well as confirming at 2.54 / 2.55 euros could bring momentum to Paion’s share price,” said our last chart check on the Aachen shares. It was able to overcome the first hurdles yesterday, but the obstacle at 2.54 / 2.55 euros is still there.

If this is also overcome, confirmed by jumps over older obstacles between 2.60 / 2.62 euros and 2.68 euros, Paion’s shares could face a rise in the direction of the obstacle zone of 2.77 / 2.83 euros, which is not an easy one To crack a nut. Further hurdles extend at 3.01 / 3.08 euros, before the 2020 annual high of 3.41 euros could be approached.


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