Daimler wants to become the world’s leading e-car manufacturer – new models announced

Like other car companies, Daimler is suffering from the Corona crisis and structural change. Now the Stuttgart-based company is announcing: It wants to become the world’s leading electric car manufacturer – also with new electric models.

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According to its board of directors, the pressurized auto company Daimler is set to become the world’s leading electric car manufacturer in the coming years. The company announced on Tuesday at a digital investor conference in Stuttgart that it was aiming for “the leading position” in electric drives and vehicle software.

In this context, the Stuttgart company announced new electric vehicles. At the same time, Daimler wants to reduce fixed costs at Mercedes-Benz – for example through savings in personnel – by 20 percent compared to 2019. On top of that, research and development spending is also expected to decrease significantly by 2025.

In the second quarter, Daimler had a loss of around two billion euros. Across all locations, the reduction of 10,000 to 15,000 of the around 300,000 Daimler jobs worldwide was recently rumored. The media had even reported up to 30,000 jobs. The car manufacturer has not yet commented on the figures.

Daimler wants to become more profitable

The new strategy should lead to the technological and financial strength of the company, announced the group. The aim is to achieve a return on sales at Mercedes-Benz “in the mid to high single-digit percentage range” by 2025.

Return on sales
The return on sales is a value for assessing how profitable a company is. The higher the percentage, the more profit a company gets from every euro of sales.

Investors accuse Daimler of having lately rested too much on the successes of the past few years and overslept important decisions, especially for the switch to e-mobility. The current crisis – apart from the immediate consequences of the corona pandemic – is homemade.

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