Bayer share: this is going to be exciting! – Chart analysis

After all: Bayer’s share price has been able to stabilize above the Corona crash low (quoted at 44.855 euros). In the course of the latest profit warning, the DAX share fell below this technically important mark, but recovered on Friday last week at EUR 43.870 and then recovered. The crash low was no longer undercut on Monday, but tested slightly with a daily low of 44.990 euros. Yesterday, Bayer shares then fluctuated between EUR 46.160 and EUR 47.170, closed trading at EUR 46.300 and thus stabilized the rebreak. Current indications on Wednesday morning show a slight premium – so nothing has changed in terms of the chart this morning.

The two crash lows at EUR 43.870 and EUR 44.855 now offer the Bayer share price a strong technical support zone. However, despite the slight price recovery since Friday, it should not be overlooked that the downward trend is still intact. So it will be exciting to see whether Bayer shares can generate further recovery momentum.

It remains with the conclusion from the last 4investors chart check on Bayer shares: around the limits of the downward gap at 48.52 / 52.85 euros, which was opened on Thursday of last week, the next chart resistance zones are to be expected – especially the zones 48.25 / 49.16 euros and 52.85 / 53.70 euros are the key brands. In contrast, 43.870 / 44.855 euros remains the crucial support zone in the short term.


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