Rabobank Quarterly Update Retail & Wholesale: ‘Despite the crisis, opportunities remain’

Key points

The key points of this Quarterly Update can be summarized as follows:

The corona crisis is leading to an accelerated shift to online, which will partly prove permanent. It is important for both retail and wholesalers to develop towards omnichannel.

Stores can make much better use of their media value. Multi-channel retailers are uniquely positioned to provide a “total package” of media value to their brand partners through this channel combination.

Commodity markets can improve the quality of life in inner cities. The market does not wait for governments that do not have their policy and vision in order.

Packaging materials offer various opportunities for wholesalers. AGF-Holland has launched a sustainable and plastic-free packaging line.

Clothing brands are shifting from a wholesale function to direct customer contact. Many fashion, sports and shoe brands have invested in recent years in other channels that are more and more directly aimed at the end customer, instead of the more indirect wholesale channel.

The fresh report is at this link (op Linkedin) complete.

(PvWK, image: Pexels)

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