Podcast Katrin von Hallwyl: “I’m incredibly down to earth”

Katrin von Hallwyl, founder and CEO of Ikoo PR

“I’m an absolute hair freak. I like well-groomed hair. ”The hair tools from the start-up Ikoo have been around since 2015, the inspiration for Katrin von Hallwyl since childhood. “There was this key experience with my mother: she went to the hairdresser every Friday,” she recalls. “When she came back, she behaved very differently. She was always in a better mood. ”The founder also wants to achieve this for her customers – they should feel different, better.

Katrin von Hallwyl herself has always felt like a founder: “I was employed in the last company I helped set up,” she says. “Nevertheless, I always saw the company as my own.” The founder was very risk-conscious and wasn’t afraid to say anything. “I know what I can and what I can’t.” Nevertheless, Ikoo’s success has never gone to her head. “I still work to make money, but not exclusively for that. I do this out of conviction, because I really enjoy doing it. But I’m certainly not cocky. “

About 80 percent of the startups no longer exist after three years, says von Hallwyl. This is mainly due to the fact that most founders want to earn a lot of money as quickly as possible. If that doesn’t work, they let it go again. “It is essential that you as an entrepreneur are convinced of what you are doing and that you clearly visualize your goal. Otherwise you don’t have to do that. ”She didn’t found the start-up to get rich. For altruistic reasons, however, she says not either. The goal: “I want to establish a brand on the market, worldwide.”

She cannot exactly remember the time when the founder had her first million in the company account. Money only plays a minor role for von Hallwyl anyway. She likes to work and a lot, that’s why she always earned a lot. Nevertheless, instead of paying a very generous salary, the entrepreneur prefers to reinvest the profits back into the company. “I can’t put aside anything of what I deserve.” But she doesn’t want to do without a beautiful life: “I’m someone who enjoys life – but with measure and goal.”

What she plans for the future, she tells in the new episode of the podcast “My First Million”.

Our interview series “My First Million” is now also available as a podcast. It will appear every Wednesday on Audible starting August 19th. The entire season with 24 episodes costs 9.95 euros. It’s free for Audible subscribers. Guests of the first episodes are:

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