Nel ASA share: two good news!

And it goes on: The Nel ASA share can also make further gains on Tuesday. In early trading on the Frankfurt stock exchange, the hydrogen share is listed at a peak at 1.705 euros, the Norwegian company’s share is currently 1.703 euros with a plus of 1.49 percent. After the downward movement of the Nel share from 2.195 euros to 1.347 euros, the recovery trend reached a new peak this morning. In addition, technical buy signals are confirmed and expanded.

“From a chart point of view, the zone between 1.618 / 1.630 euros and 1.665 / 1.680 euros remains the decisive area for the Nel share”, it was said in the last 4investors chart checks on the hydrogen share. Both areas have now been overcome, although the breakout above 1.665 / 1.680 euros can use a little more stability. The reason; At 1.70 / 1.73 euros there are further trading obstacles that were relevant in the days of the recent downward movement. In addition, there are chart-technical hurdles in the zone from 1.789 / 1.800 euros to 1.823 euros to 1.85 / 1.88 euros and above. So before the Nel share can see the recently reached all-time high again, a series of chart-technical buy signals must be achieved. Meanwhile, technical chart hurdles that have been overcome become support marks for Nels share price in the event of a setback.

After the disaster at Nels US partner Nikola, we reported, by the way, there was again positive news from Nel at the beginning of the week: Everfuel Europe A / S has placed an order with the Norwegians for a hydrogen filling station that will be used to refuel emission-free hydrogen buses in the Netherlands and that it will go into operation at the end of 2021. Nel puts the order volume at around 1.6 million euros.

“We are happy about our second order from Everfuel for an H2Station refueling solution. The station is our latest generation, designed for the rapid refueling of heavy commercial vehicles such as buses and trucks, ”says Jens Egholt, Senior Director Global Sales at Nel Hydrogen Fueling.


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