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Metal employers attack politics

Harald Marquardt, head of a large supplier based in Rietheim-Weilheim, sees the German automotive industry in danger. Photo: Marquardt Service GmbH

Southwest Metal Vice Harald Marquardt complains of a hasty departure from the internal combustion engine, which will cause massive damage to the automotive industry – and he criticizes a “political show” by Prime Ministers Söder and Kretschmann.

Stuttgart – Despite a noticeable stabilization compared to the record drops in spring and summer, companies in the Baden-Württemberg metal and electronics industry are looking ahead with subdued expectations. Only one third expects production to reach the level before the Corona crisis by the middle of next year. For 22 percent, it could be until the end of 2021; for almost every second company this is not even foreseeable. This skepticism is the central message of a new survey by the employers’ association Südwestmetall, in which 343 affiliated companies took part from September 28 to October 4.


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