House & property: long rental periods are worthwhile

Staying for a long time can be worthwhile.
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Those who live longer live cheaper, says the private landlords association Haus & Grund. The reason is that rents are rising faster on the overall market.

Je longer tenants stay in their apartment, the lower the rent increase. This is the result of a member survey by the owners’ association Haus und Grund. According to this, tenants pay an average of 6.3 percent more than the local comparable rent in the first five years. In the following five years it falls by around one percent below the average, after the tenth year it is 4.2 percent less. Compared to the previous year, however, the ratio deteriorated at the expense of tenants. According to the survey, the tenants of the private owners have lived in their apartments for an average of 8.9 years.

Haus und Grund represents small private landlords. According to the association, these offer two thirds of rental apartments in Germany. “They are also increasing the rents,” remarked Association President Kai Warnecke. “But they still do this very responsibly.” A good one in five (21.8 percent) landlords only increase the rent when new tenants move into an apartment. In previous years, however, this rate was higher. Debates about rent caps and expropriations did not leave the owners indifferent, said Warnecke. They would have to take precautions to maintain and modernize apartments.


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