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IBM sees blockchain as an undeniable business weapon

Blockchain here, blockchain there! Will blockchains really become part of everyday business in, say, 10 years? IBM is now voicing its views on the subject through Alistair Rennie; the IT giant is only investing in private blockchains for the moment.

Blockchain: to try it is to adopt it!

In an interview with Cointelegraph, the department manager IBM blockchain, Alistair Rennie, explains how blockchain has evolved from a simple technology to that of an indispensable tool in the digital age.

As part of its activities, Rennie observed that the financial services industry and the supply chain industry are the 2 areas where blockchain is meeting rapid adoption.

The deployment of blockchain on the supply chain allows a company to benefit from visibility to all actors in the chain, while following the entire procurement process.

The difficulty lies according to Rennie in the many differences between the systems adopted by each company.

The financial sector is one of the most active in the use of blockchain, with many use cases, such as the payment platform or even the Blockchain Community Initiative.

The latter would currently process a volume of transactions valued at $ 300 million.

COVID-19 boosts the blockchain

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have adopted blockchain to digitize their data sharing processes.

The design ofIBM hybrid cloud platform take this factor into consideration. Alistair Rennie also raised the issue of trust in private networks.

He said the problem should not arise since participants in this type of network can still control the information they choose to broadcast.

Finally, IBM does not reject the idea of ​​participating in the creation of a public blockchain, although the company wants to focus on private blockchains for the moment.


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Even the CIA is interested in Bitcoin (BTC), cryptos and blockchain. The FFPB has launched an operation to identify French blockchain professionals; if it is not too late, register on the form provided for this purpose. Decentralized blockchain vs centralized database: the match seems for the moment to be tilting in favor of the first, whose theoretical qualities are so much touted today. Time will tell if this was indeed just a simple boast to give D-sauce projects more flavor.

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