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FintechClark founder Oster: “There were 15 good competitors”

Clark CEO Christopher OsterPR

Five years ago there was a real hype about the broker apps with which insurance can be organized via smartphone. Clark from Frankfurt was one of many providers. The venture capitalists fueled the competition with millions in investments.

In the meantime, the competitors have either turned their business model around or given up. Clark founder Christopher continues to believe in the idea. 250,000 customers now use the insurance app (shortly after the recording, Clark announced new customer numbers), and the donors have invested a total of around 45 million dollars in the Frankfurt start-up.

How did he do it? Why was the partnership with the banking start-up N26 terminated? And how can customers be convinced of the complicated subject of insurance? We discussed this with the CEO in Frankfurt at the beginning of September.

In the FinanceFWD podcast, Oster talks about …

… the marketing recipe from Clark
… the competitors
… the sales incentives for its employees
… the relationship with the financiers Finleap and Joonko
… the expansion into other countries
… the next fundraising

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