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New episode today of Adopt A Crypto Project! And on this occasion, we will dive into a French project (Cocorico!) Which wants to revolutionize trading and the trust that exists in this environment …


Trading, the art of handling purchases and resales of assets in such a way as to derive economic benefit. This exercise, which has become more and more democratized in recent years due to the accessibility and emergence of online trading services, is making a lot of us look fortunate. However, big gains are always associated with big risks, and the risks of trading are numerous: training is difficult, strategies sometimes very time-consuming, and buying and selling actions all too often addictive. But today, within the crypto universe, in the midst of DeFi, a promising new service,, is emerging that could well upset the standards of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading! and the new approach to trading is a trading service that can be considered as a real differentiation tool. LikeeToro, exploits the concept of social trading through its main service of copytrading.

This copytrading solution is simply to mimic the buy and sell orders of a professional and experienced trader in order to obtain returns similar to his own. It should be noted that is not a trading platform, but a tool that works in synergy with platforms such as Binance or kucoin.

It is indeed necessary to synchronize your exchange account with the platform and authorize the latter to move your funds in a similar and simultaneous manner to professional traders. But beware, there is no reason to panic here. Indeed, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies never leave your exchange wallet and traders as well as teams will never have access to your funds. In addition,’s copytrading solution is fully automated and monitored.

DCASH, token of

To operate, the platform deploys its own ERC-20 token, the now essential standard of the Ethereum network, DCASH.

DCASH also provides access to the various solutions offered by it is in fact a utility token or utility token in French. We will go into more detail about DCASH and its more interesting features a little later in the article.

In addition, also offers to generate passive income that will fall in the form of rewards every month. In fact, sets up a management fund which is characterized by a passive investment solution. Based on the DCASH tokens held and the overall performance of the top 3 best traders on, DCASH holders are automatically credited with an additional amount of DCASH. This income is thus 100% passive, and as a bonus, if you use your DCASH in other services such as copytrading, these are still counted in the calculation of dividends. and tokenization for trading

Finally, soon, tends to develop an ultimate 2.0 trading solution: performance tokens. These are tokens separate from DCASH, which will tokenize the performance of a designated trader. Thus, if this trader achieves a performance of 5% then the value of the associated performance token will undergo the same variation. With this solution, it is therefore no longer even necessary to have an account within an exchange. The capital gains generated by these variations in value are returned to the user in the form of DCASH that he can then convert into euros or leave on the platform in order to continue to have the Diabolo fund management service. io.

But suddenly, for traders, what are the solutions?

Indeed, these traders do have a real interest in using They generate additional income through copytrading services to which they submit a commission on users’ earnings in the same way that performance tokens will subsequently allow.

How are traders selected?

The selection is based on the performance of the traders. is now setting up challenges (which also pay the winners) in order to identify trading talents, but also offers to trade via a demo account so that the platform can analyze the statistics. Finally, it is possible to provide the teams with a trade journal which will be the subject of an in-depth analysis and the purpose of which will decide on the copytrading eligibility of the applying trader.

I know, it’s a lot of information but the project is ambitious. To clarify certain points, who better than the CEO of the project? The Cryptocurrencies team as well as myself warmly thank Julien ONNEN, entrepreneur since 2004, and CEO of who has agreed to free up his time in order to explore with us certain thorny points of the project and raise certain issues.


How would you define DCASH?

DCASH is Diabolo’s fundamental copytrading utility token. Although the platform is currently available, DCASH is not yet and is currently being replaced by credits.

The purpose of DCASH is to decentralize the activity in order to break dependence on banking institutions. For, DCASH symbolizes the entry into phase 2.0 of copytrading as we imagine, where we are no longer in a logic of simple link account via API but truly synthesizing performance. Thereafter, we aim to increase the value of DCASH and make it a real speculative asset.

Indeed, DCASH is intended to be rare. Thus, buys back 20% of DCASH turnover in order to destroy them until it reaches 50% of the total DCASH supply. In addition, DCASH is intended to be secure and reliable because it is backed by a reserve fund, the Diabolo FUND CARE, where invests 2% of its turnover monthly.

How does stand out from the competition? rewards and works for performance. DCASH throughput is based on a calculation involving several clearly identifiable variables. From the analysis, there is a clear and transparent performance which serves as a reliable basis for debiting the DCASH. Competition is often based on monthly payments. We are particularly far removed from this model, which is disconnected from results and performance. In addition, there are no costs for copytrading: no entry, no management, no exit.

You are currently starting your fundraising campaign. You are in pre-sale but you have already exceeded 100K investment even before the start of the ICO. What are your fundraising goals and how much value would you place on DCASH over time?

Editor’s note: On 04/10 the project completed pre-sale with 150 holders and $ 200,000 raised. The soft cap is therefore already achieved.

We are aiming for a soft cap of $ 200,000, which in principle should be largely achieved. We have also set a hard cap of $ 2,000,000. Beyond this amount, all sums received will go as an additional bonus to strengthen the management fund. As for the value of DCASH, at the very soon ICO the token will be issued for $ 0.15 and in a few years we can easily imagine it reaching a value between $ 1 and $ 10.

Could you develop the legal and social issues of is legally regulated by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF). We work for the certification of Digital Asset Provider (PSAN). We truly nurture a desire for transparency with the project and it is therefore essential for us that this transparency be as tangible for users as for institutions. Moreover, as long as a virtual currency such as DCASH is used, absolutely does not position itself as an investment fund in the eyes of current regulations. In addition, with regard to users, there is real work on blockchain democratization and education. To effectively and transparently mimic management funds, users must understand the challenges of decentralization and understand what our smart contracts are.

How do you define your relationship with traders?

It’s a real win-win. I would even say that they are more successful than us. However, we are very careful with the profiles of traders validated by the Diabolo algorithm for copytrading. There is a real selection, and we hope to attract the best of them by organizing regular competitions for example.

September 2020 requires, how is positioned vis-à-vis DeFi as a whole?

The project is not fully decentralized as we initially want to maintain its governance in order to ensure the quality of its development. However, we would like to gradually replace our human decision-making with algorithms. Finally, with regards to DeFi overall, the team considered listing DCASH on UniSwap in addition to some CEX (centralized exchange). “

One last question, how strong is the team behind

We are fortunate to have a very strong team. Antoine Legay is a known and recognized trader who brings a lot of visibility to the project. Samuel, our developer, has been full-time for a few years and is very specialized in data analysis and trading algorithms. Thomas our business developer has brought us some extremely interesting partnerships that unfortunately cannot yet be revealed. Overall, the whole team is performing very well.

You can find more information about the team by clicking here.

3 reasons to adopt

  • For its French team with great potential and who have real experience in the world of trading. Have a CEO Trader, it’s making sure that the project focuses on making transparent the data that really matters in this industry ;
  • For its DCASH token, which makes the concepts of risk management and trading performance easy and accessible ;
  • No fixed costs. We only pay for performance, which provides reassurance and encourages the platform to find the best possible traders. Everyone wins together, and only together!

An ambitious project to follow.


It is clear that is a project that could potentially shake up the ecosystem of social trading of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, and even trading as a whole. Its future evolution will be intrinsically linked to the evolution of trading standards, but also legislative changes. In short, in any case, we will not fail to share with you the news of this project which is shaking up the bots and mores of trading. To start discovering Diabolo’s new social trading trend, all you have to do is register on the platform.

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