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John McAfee arrested by SEC

Who has never heard of John McAfee? But if, you know, the famous creator of the anti-virus of the same name. No ? So what if I tell you this is the one who bet to eat her genitals live on TV before retracting? Always not ? So … And do you remember the ICOs he gleefully promoted without ever letting his community know? Either way, the SEC seems to remember it. And we may be seeing an end clap for the craziest, paranoid crypto personality in the ecosystem! Explanations.

A sulphurous past

John McAfee is one of those fans of the ecosystem. Everyone has seen it at least once, whether for its “Coin of the Week” concept, or its ICOs as an advisor, or even the creation of its dubious cryptocurrencies from a plagiarism point of view (like Ghost).

This divisive character has made a fortune in this ecosystem, playing on his popularity to extract pretty sums from projects in search of visibility.

The problem with that is the transparency of these operations. Indeed, you are aware that it is forbidden to do covert advertising in the United States (and in France too by the way, although it is sometimes “forgotten”).

The SEC pays for a trip to Spain

The SEC got tired of seeing John McAfee do this to Uncle Sam’s face and beard. So they made the arrest of the sulphurous character a priority, and it’s done!

Indeed, information has recently come out: John McAfee has been arrested in Spain and is now in extradition proceedings to the United States.

A hard blow for the latter, especially since the penalties incurred are quite substantial … Indeed, he could incur up to 30 years in prison!

Among the SEC’s charges against John McAfee are the $ 23.1 million earned from failed ICOs.


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

John McAfee often communicates that he will never be silenced. It may be true. However, if he ends up behind bars, only his cellmates will be left to hear him talk about his favorite shitcoin! As a reminder, the SEC is not at its first attempt, as other celebrities like DJ Khaled and Floyd Mayweather had already had problems with this administration. In the end, perhaps all of this will bring a little more transparency and honesty to this ecosystem which, at times, is sorely lacking!


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