This is how the permanent home office works

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# 1 Clear hierarchies and tasks

“Most jobs are not designed to be done remotely – at least not yet,” say management experts Maxim Sytch and Lindred Greer in the “Harvard Business Review”. Problems with communication and coordination are therefore inevitable in the home office. The private lecturers at the University of Michigan therefore advise you to comprehensively describe job profiles, create clear hierarchies and define fixed processes.

# 2 involve employees

According to Sytch and Greer, employees should have a say in all of this. Bosses do not always have the best insight into everyday processes. In addition, employees in the home office often feel left behind. It helps if they can have a say in the rules of cooperation.

# 3 Better communication in the home office

In the opinion of the authors, more video calls and more frequent but shorter online meetings are good methods of improving collaboration in the permanent home office. They recommend that companies invest in more remote work services, such as virtual whiteboards, project management software, or simply better webcams and microphones.

# 4 Put teams together wisely

According to the scientists, communication from the home office is subject to natural limits. When composing teams for certain projects, you therefore recommend that all employees work from home or all in the office, if possible. Mixed forms have the greatest communication problems.

# 5 Organize face-to-face meetings

Speaking of new microphones: Working from home not only saves money, for example by moving to a smaller company headquarters. According to Sytch and Greer, bosses should calculate special extra home office expenses. It starts with the technology and extends to excursions to strengthen the team spirit.

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