Noratis: New bond is coming

Noratis wants to issue a bond. This should probably have a volume of 50 million euros. The annual interest rate is not yet entirely clear. It will be between 5.0 percent and 5.5 percent. The bond should have a term of five years. The drawing of the paper will probably be possible from the end of October. From November, the bond should be tradable on the open market of Frankfurter Böse.

Both private and institutional investors are addressed with the issue.

With the fresh money, the people of Eschborn want to grow further and expand their portfolio. This currently comprises more than 3,400 apartments in Germany. Rental income in the first half of the year was 8.0 million euros. That is an increase of around 35 percent compared to the previous year.

The main shareholder of Noratis is Merz Real Estate. The group holds around 47.7 percent of Noratis. The anchor shareholder has undertaken to invest up to 50 million euros in Noratis by the end of 2024 through various capital measures.


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