Jamani Group and Yellowgrape enter into a strategic partnership

Jamani Group, the parent organization of Dekbed Discounter, took over daily deal site Koopjedeal last year and recently launched the WoonQ label. The strategic partnership is the next step in the collaboration between both parties.


Yellowgrape and Dekbed Discounter have been working together for several years in the field of personalization, smart data applications and affiliate marketing. Until recently, Jamani Group worked with several agencies on different sub-divisions. Since the beginning of 2020, Yellowgrape and Dekbed Discounter have further expanded the collaboration.


Yellowgrape provides services from the entire portfolio. Johan Smits, Managing Director & Founder of Yellowgrape, about the collaboration: “The common goal is to further develop the data-driven marketing strategy of the various labels. Ultimately, we want to accelerate growth and optimize marketing returns even further. To achieve this, we will work more closely with Jamani’s in-house team. Together we strive for maximum return and long-term profit. “

Maurice Rustwat, COO of Jamani Group adds: “We are very happy with this new way of working together. We are now able to continue the rapid growth on our various labels without losing focus. In addition, this way of working together gives us better opportunities to organize our marketing messages with more uniformity on the various channels. “


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