Homes & Holiday: Study ensures strong price development

In 2019 Homes & Holiday increased revenues by 13.3 percent to 2.21 million euros. In 2020, the pandemic is likely to have a significant impact on the company. The GBC analysts expect sales of 1.13 million euros for the current year. The EBITDA should decrease from 0.13 million euros to -0.32 million euros.

In 2021 things should go better in the Balearic Islands. The experts forecast a turnover of 2.44 million euros for the finca specialist (old: 3.41 million euros). The EBITDA should be 0.45 million euros (old: 0.42 million euros).

The crisis and the travel problem also have an impact on the experts’ assessments. Your target price so far was 10.5 euros. The new target price for the papers of Homes & Holiday stands at 0.86 euros. There is still a buy recommendation for the company’s papers.

Homes & Holiday shares gain 27.1 percent today to 0.30 euros. The study should have given some investors courage again. No other news about Homes & Holiday can be found today.


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