Founders OneFit hand over daily management to Edouard Leeuwenburg

Leeuwenburg (photo), who has been active in the current position since 1 March 2020, has since then been responsible for the day-to-day management of the Dutch digital sports platform. With the transfer, founders Serge Brabander and Camille Richardson will officially hand over the baton and, as chief commercial oficer and chief product officer, will focus on parent group Urban Sports Club.

New Management Team
Leeuwenburg was appointed as ad interim CMO at Urban Sports Club in October 2019, which resulted in a permanent appointment as Managing Director at the Dutch partner OneFit. Before that, he held various positions at Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile Netherlands and Telegraaf Media Groep. The Dutch management team led by Edouard Leeuwenburg now consists of Robert Meirmans (Head of Sales), Lars van Kampen (Head of Partnerships), Margaret Huzarska (Head of Customer Success) and Pim Brekelmans (Finance).

Edouard Leeuwenburg: ‘Only twelve days after my first working day, we decided during an MT meeting that we had to send everyone home. For another two days, we frozen our entire customer base. The COVID-19 outbreak meant that as a brand new Managing Director, I suddenly had to make important decisions quickly, which would also have a major effect on the entire company. It was a challenging period from which – despite extreme pressure – we emerged stronger and with a sharpened vision and new services. ‘

Current strategy and future vision
The company has greatly expanded its market area since the crisis. OneFit launched this month for the first time outside the Randstad in Eindhoven and Breda and aims to operate throughout the Netherlands in the long term. OneFit has also started to dive into the business market. Because of COVID-19, employers are taking extra care that employees stay fit by exercising. OneFit therefore now offers business subscriptions in addition to the consumer subscription. Furthermore, the curriculum has been expanded with online classes and OneFit Presents. For the latter, OneFit arranges unique locations – such as the Euromast – where OneFit teachers can teach their supporters. The refined strategy resulted in a quadrupling of demand in the business market compared to the average for the first quarter.

Serge Brabander, Founder OneFit: ‘It is quite a challenge to disconnect your head from your’ child ‘when turbulent times arise. Edouard has held his own through an extremely challenging induction period, showing the positivity and perseverance that are the DNA of OneFit. In addition, OneFit has managed to turn the tide by focusing on B2B; where we have been able to further professionalize thanks to the expertise of the German Urban Sports Club. In my new role as Chief Commercial Officer at Urban Sports Club, my goal is to make both Urban Sports Club and OneFit even bigger players in Europe. And that is going well! COVID-19 made us more efficient, which means that we are now in seven European markets and have major European investors behind us. ‘

About OneFit
Amsterdam-based OneFit has been the leading digital sports platform in the Netherlands since 2012. The platform offers a flexible monthly membership that allows you to participate in workouts at the best gyms and studios in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, The Hague, Haarlem, Leiden, Breda and Eindhoven. In the summer of 2019, OneFit joined forces with the German industry peer Urban Sports Club, making it the largest provider in Europe (Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy). Via a mobile app, OneFit offers its consumers and business members such as Accenture, Red Bull, Adyen, Hello Fresh and Rituals flexibility, diversity and above all a lot of convenience. ‘

(PvWK, source: OneFit)


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